Frequently Asked Questions

How do I find out which school my child should attend?
To find out the school designated for your home address, please visit the Schools - Find a School section of this website. You also may contact the Planning Department at the Education Centre at 705-742-9773 or toll-free for long distance at 877-741-4577, Extension 2034.

Can I send my child to another school outside my attendance area?
That option may be possible, if there is space available in the other school. If you live within the attendance area of one school but wish to send your child to another, you must have the approval of principals of both schools. If you do receive approval to send your child to a school outside your attendance area, you are responsible for providing transportation for your child to and from school. Space in schools is reviewed annually and a student's continued attendance as an out-of-boundary student is dependent on space available each year.

How do I find out about busing?
Student Transportation Services of Central Ontario (STSCO) oversees busing of students for the Kawartha Pine Ridge Board as well as the local Catholic Board. STSCO's web site offers a wealth of information on busing - including maximum walking distances and bus cancellations in case of inclement weather - at In addition, school secretaries have access to information on school bus routes, bus stops, and pick-up and drop-off times. If you have additional questions or concerns, you may contact STSCO at 705-748-5500 or toll-free at 1-800-757-0307, Extension 231 or 232 for busing in Northumberland and Clarington, or Extension 241 or 242 for busing in Peterborough County. General comments or questions can also be submitted to comments@stsco.

When should I register my child for school?
Registration for Junior and Senior Kindergarten takes place at all elementary schools in late fall for the next school year. If you know you will be moving to a new school's area, you should contact the receiving school as soon as possible. All schools welcome your questions about the programs and services they offer.

How old does my child have to be to attend Junior or Senior Kindergarten?
To attend Junior or Senior Kindergarten, your child must:

  • turn four years of age by December 31 of the year he starts school to be eligible for Junior Kindergarten, or
  • turn five years of age by December 31 of the year she starts school to be eligible for Senior Kindergarten

Does KPR offer French Immersion?
Yes, Kawartha Pine Ridge offers two types of Immersion programs: French Immersion, which begins in Senior Kindergarten, and Extended French, which begins in Grade 5. Information on each school offering Immersion programs is available within the School Profiles posted in the Schools section of our web site.

Where are the Immersion programs held?
Both the French Immersion and Extended French programs continue from elementary to secondary school. Programs are held at:

Extended French

  • Dr. M.S. Hawkins Senior Public School and Port Hope High School, in Port Hope Hillcrest Public School and Campbellford District High School in Campbellford
  • Murray Centennial Public School, Spring Valley Public School
  • East Northumberland Secondary School in the Brighton area

French Immersion

  • Edmison Heights Public School, King George Public School, Prince of Wales Public School, Westmount Public School, Adam Scott Intermediate and Collegiate Vocational Institute in Peterborough
  • Lakefield District PS in Lakefield
  • C.R. Gummow Public School and Cobourg Collegiate Institute in Cobourg
  • Duke of Cambridge Public School and Bowmanville High School in Bowmanville
  • Dr. G.J. MacGillivray Public School, Courtice Intermediate and Courtice Secondary School in Courtice
  • Ganaraska Trail Public School in Port Hope
  • Newcastle Public School in Newcastle

Where can I get my high school transcript?
High school transcripts are available from the last secondary school you attended. Please contact the school directly for your transcript. Our response time will be faster if you contact the school during the school year, when the school office is open.

Where can I get information on summer school?
Kawartha Pine Ridge offers a variety of high school credit courses during the summer. Information on summer school is available in all school offices in late spring, and posted on our web site at

My child has special needs. How can I get extra help?
Kawartha Pine Ridge offers a wide spectrum of programs, services and supports to help identify and meet the special needs of students. The special education links in the Program section of this web site offer additional information. If you feel your child may require additional support or a special program, please speak with your child's teacher or principal.

How do I contact my child's principal by e-mail?
All staff members at Kawartha Pine Ridge have an e-mail address. To contact your principal electronically, please follow this template:

How do I apply for teaching or occasional teaching jobs at KPR?
Teacher candidates interested in working at KPR must apply on-line through the Apply to Teach network. Please visit to complete your on-line application. We also encourage you to sign up for the Job Alert feature, to be notified when our Board posts jobs on To be considered for an interview, please ensure the application package you send to Apply to Teach includes your Certificate or Interim Certificate of Qualification (if available), practicum reports or teacher evaluation, and reference letters.

How do I apply for a non-teaching job at KPR?

For all positions, vacancies occurring throughout the year are posted internally first.  If we are not able to find a suitable internal candidate, we will post externally on our website. Please follow the instructions for applying as indicated in the posting.   Kawartha Pine Ridge District School Board accepts external applications only for specific vacancies.  We encourage you to check the “CAREERS” section of our web site frequently for available positions.  If you have questions regarding the application process, please email

How do I find out when the next PA Day or school holiday will be?
Early every fall, all students receive a school year calendar to take home. This calendar includes Professional Activity Days, vacation days and other useful information. You may also view the school year calendar on the Parents section of the web site

What should I do if I'm unhappy about something at my child's school?
If you have a question, suggestion or concern, we'd like to hear from you. As the first step, please contact your child's teacher. Most questions or problems can be resolved immediately this way. If you feel more action is required, please contact your child's principal or vice-principal. Calling the school office ahead to set up an appointment will ensure you have the time needed to discuss your concerns. If you still are not satisfied, please call the Superintendent of Student Achievement responsible for your child's school. Contact information for superintendents is listed in the Parents section of this web site, and on the school year calendar sent home to parents at the beginning of each school year. If, after speaking with your superintendent, you still feel additional action is necessary, please contact the Director of Education by calling 705-742-9773 or toll-free 1-877-741-4577. Trustees also welcome your questions and comments on educational issues and Board decisions. For concerns specifically related to your child, trustees usually will refer you to the staff member who can address the problem. Please see the Parents section of this web site or the school year calendar for trustees' contact information.

I have information of interest to parents. Can I send it home with students?
Kawartha Pine Ridge receives hundreds of requests each year from organizations, businesses and individuals wishing to distribute information to our students. If you are a not-for-profit organization whose goals are consistent with those of public education and of KPR, you may approach us for approval to have your information sent to schools. KPR does not distribute information on behalf of for-profit organizations, businesses, political parties, or those whose values are inconsistent with our own. For specific requests, please email

How do I find schools’ EQAO results?     Click here to visit the EQAO website.

Where can I learn about KPR's policies and regulations?
In the Boardroom Section of this web site, there are links to all Board policies and administrative regulations, arranged alphabetically according to topic. For more information on any of the policies or regulations, please call 705-742-9773, Extension 2353 or toll-free at 1-877-741-4577.