Community Involvement Hours

Students’ activities in the community offer abundant opportunities for education and career/life planning. Students of all ages are involved in activities outside school that contribute to their development as learners. Students and their parents should be encouraged to reflect on the importance of these activities to the students’ development of knowledge and skills in education and career/life planning, and students should be encouraged to capture their learning in their “All About Me” portfolio or Individual Pathways Plan.

Community Involvement Can Happen:

In the Community by offering assistance to charities, service clubs and other not-for-profit organizations such as:

  • canvassing, walk-a-thons, celebrity games

  • coaching sports teams

  • organizing community events

  • participating in environmental projects; e.g. clean-ups, tree planting, recycling programs

  • assisting in a seniors' residence

  • participating on committees

In the School  by helping out in non-credit extracurricular activities such as:

  • student government

  • organizing or assisting in school activities; e.g. orientation, sports meets, drama festivals, etc.

  • participating in school/community activities

Individuals in need, by providing assistance such as:

  • activities involving seniors; e.g. shovelling snow, hospital visits

  • activities with young people; e.g. tutoring, reading buddies

Virtually, such as:

  • working with organizations to help connect with seniors

  • organizing virtual fundraising events

  • facilitating discussions with newcomer youth

SPARK Ontario will help students find virtual opportunities that exist

For students graduating in 2020-21 

For students graduating in the 2020-21 school year, a minimum of 20 hours of community involvement activities is required.  Ten of these hours can come from a part-time paid job.  For more information on any other adjustments to these hours or confirming your hours, please contact your school Guidance team.

For students graduating after 2020-21

The diploma requirement of 40 hours of community involvement is required.

For further information contact your school Guidance office or click on the volunteer opportunities in your area.