Child Care and Early Years Programs

Many families benefit from child care and family support services located within our school buildings.  And, while each location may offer different programs, all are designed to provide children and their families with an opportunity to learn and grow, providing a more convenient approach to school and child care, with fewer transitions for children and families.

For general information about child care options in Ontario, please visit the Ministry of Education’s website:

Child Care Centres, Before and After School Programs and Early ON Child and Family Programs in KPR Schools

An integrated extended day program* for kindergarten students (with co-curricular activities), as well as before and after school child care programs for students aged 6-12 provides a seamless day from school to child care, with fewer transitions for children and families. Typically, programs are offered from 7:00 a.m. to morning bell, and from afternoon bell  to 6:00 p.m. (although the exact time for these programs may vary at each school). Parents may choose to enrol their child, for a fee, in the before-school program, the after-school program or both.  Subsidies are available to some families, based on financial need. The process is similar to applying for other child care subsidies.  Child care agencies may provide child care programs on non-instructional days (PA day, school holidays) if there is sufficient need. 

Before & After and Extended Day programs are located within the school, in shared spaces, typically within kindergarten classrooms (for jk/sk age children) and/or in gyms and libraries for 6-12 year olds, and with daily access to outside play areas. Each school arrangement is unique to meet the needs of the school and the childcare provider.

As well, full day/all day child care centres are located on some school sites, run by licensed, not-for-profit child care agencies.   Fees for service are set by the agency, with subsidies available by application to the local municipality. 

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Contact Information

If any additional information about Kindergarten &/or Early Years programs located within KPR schools, please contact:

Stephanie Mazzocca, Child Care and Early Years Coordinator
(705)742-9773 ext. 2347, 1-877-741-4577