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Bystander Revolution | Embrace Your Differences
Be yourself. The qualities that make you unique are often your greatest strengths. Hear from Celebrities about their experiences with bullying and how to make a difference. Click on this text to check out the website.

Telling the Story: Brave Kids Check out these stories of how different students have stood up to bullies in a manner sure to inspire such as:

Older students defend bullied six-year-old boy with autism A middle school football team defended their six-year-old water boy Danny who was being picked on for wearing a suit and tie to school. They started a "Danny Appreciation Day" and wore a suit and tie as an act of solidarity with the autistic boy.

Autistic boy stands up to bullies with speech in front of whole class Jake's autism certainly hasn't left him without words. The high school student addressed his classmates in a touching speech during gym class, asking those who bully him to see him as a "person" not a "target".

Teen writes powerful note to his bullies on Facebook A 14-year-old Quebec boy wrote a moving Facebook post to the school kids who called him hurtful names, pleading that they show him respect. After the post went viral, he was greeted with cheers, hugs and apologies by students in the hallways.

Bullied boy speaks out against his attackers in documentary Eleven-year-old Caine found a unique way to shame his bullies. He went public, relaying his emotional stories of being punched, choked and thrown against a wall in the documentary "The Bully Project."

Bullied girl posts challenge with weight to Facebook A 9-year-old B.C. girl who was bullied for being overweight took photos of her body and posted them to a health group on Facebook with a pledge to start exercising. Within 24 hours, she had over 3,000 likes and strangers offering to help.

Teen uses Facebook friends to confront school bully A bullied high school student made 100 new Facebook friends by sharing his story of bullying online. The friends then met at the school parking lot to confront the bully causing him to apologize and give a high-five.