Cyber Bullying


Cyber bullying involves posting or sending harmful or cruel text messages or images using the Internet or other communications devices.

Here are some things you can do to deal with cyber bullying:

  • Place computers with Internet access in a common space.
  • Talk about bullying with your kids.
  • Do not respond to bullying messages or images.
  • Keep copies of the messages/images to help identify the bully and for evidence.
  • Inform Internet Service Provider (ISP) or cell phone company of abuse.
  • Get a new account or number and only give it out one person at a time to help determine who the bully is.
  • Contact the school, if the bully is a schoolmate.
  • Contact the police, if the bullying escalates.

For more information, see this brochure.  Cyber Bullying - Information for Parents

How to Get Help

If your child or teen is in immediate danger, be sure to call 911. For less urgent situations, learn about the many sources of help available: