This acronym LGBTQ can mean different things to different people, but it is generally understood to stand for “lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans (transgender, transsexual, trans-identified), two-spirited, and questioning” or some variation of this.

Although it’s true that many people opt to use different words to describe themselves, saying either LGBT or LGBTQ is widely accepted (even though it is recognized that these expressions are not necessarily all-encompassing). For example, it is also common to include both an “I” for intersex and an “A” for ally. Some people also choose to duplicate all of the letters that can represent more than one word because it has the visual/verbal effect of demonstrating how very many different sexual orientations and gender identities there actually are. The ones already mentioned here would look like this: LGBTTTTQQIA or LGBTTT2QQIA (where the “2” stands for 2-spirited). The letters can be ordered differently as well, such as alphabetically.

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Many of KPR's secondary schools have an established Gay-Straight Alliance (GSA). A GSA is a student-run club that provides a safe place for any and all students to meet and support each other while working together to end homophobia, biphobia and transphobia. These groups are sometimes known by other names which could include, Rainbow Alliances or Social Justice Clubs. Like other student led clubs, students may partake in fundraising or awareness-raising activities related to human rights, social justice, power and privilege, oppression and marginalization and promoting equality for all human beings. In addition to being a supportive and welcoming club, a GSA also strives to educate themselves and the school community on sexual and gender diversity and related-equality issues.

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