Human Rights and Peace

Human rights are all the things we are entitled to be, to do or to have simply because we are human. They describe how we expect to be treated and define what we are all entitled to — a life of equity, dignity, and respect - free from all forms of discrimination.

We do not earn our human rights, we are born with them. This is true for all people on earth, however, they can be taken away. For this reason, countries have human rights laws to ensure that people and governments are held accountable if human rights are not respected. In Canada, human rights are protected by provincial, territorial, federal and international laws.

Peace and human rights go hand in hand. Peace means different things to different societies, faiths, cultures and people. Peace refers to the freedom from civil disturbance and a state of security or order within a community. It also refers to freedom from oppressive and discriminatory actions, words and behaviours as well as an assurance of harmony in personal relations. Peace may also refer to a pact or agreement to end hostilities between those who have been at war.

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