Concussion Resources

The Kawartha Pine Ridge District School Board has had a comprehensive concussion guideline since 2012. We realize the important role that all stakeholders, especially staff, play in the prevention of concussion, identification of a suspected concussion as well as the ongoing monitoring and management of a student with a concussion. Knowledge of how to properly manage a diagnosed concussion is critical in a student’s recovery and is essential in helping to prevent the student from returning to learning or physical activities too soon and risking further complications. Ultimately, this awareness and knowledge could help contribute to the student’s long-term health and academic success.

The following resources have been selected to assist you in better understanding the shared role we all play in the safety of our students and the prevention and management of concussions.

The Concussion Management and Return to Learn Video provides an excellent video introduction to concussions.

The Tool to Identify Suspected Concussion provides an excellent step by step approach for assessing a possible concussion and how to deal with it.

The Letter to Parent/Guardian of Suspected Concussion should be used to communicate with parents initially along with Return to Learn Strategies and Parent Permission for Return to Learn and Physical Activity.

The KPR Program Safety Guideline for Concussions is a comprehensive document which is updated regularly using the most recent information from a variety of organizations including OPHEA, Ministry of Health and Long Term Care, ThinkFirst and Parachute.

KPR also supports Rowan’s Law Day, which focuses on concussion awareness and prevention September 25. Here are some helpful resources for Rowan’s Law Day.

Information for physical education teachers and coaches:

The Coaching Association of Canada provides an excellent resource with general and sport specific e-learning modules which take between 60-90 minutes to complete which would be suitable for physical education teachers and coaches.

Concussion Guidelines for Coaches and Trainers

Concussion Guidelines for Athletes

More detailed information and appendices are available on MYKPR. If you have any questions please contact Lisa Hickman at 905-372-1697 or