FAQs for Laurie Lawson Outdoor Education Centre

Who operates The Laurie Lawson Outdoor Education Centre?
The Laurie Lawson Outdoor Education Centre is operated in partnership. The Building is owned by by the Kawartha Pine Ridge District School Board and the property is  owned by the Northumberland Land Trust.  To learn more or become a member of Northumberland Land Trust please go to : Northumberlandlandtrust.ca


Why are we asked to pack a garbage-less lunch?
Local garbage and recycling programs do not have a regular pick-up at our site so everyone, including the staff, takes their own garbage and recycling back home. Compost is always available.

What if it rains?
Our programs continue as planned outdoors, rain or shine. Please be prepared for the weather. Safety concerns such as thunder/lightening or extreme high winds are conditions that would send us indoors.

What are the supervision ratios?
A trip to the outdoor education centre is an out-of-classroom experience like any other and the supervision guidelines listed in the Program Safety Manual: Out of Classroom Programs are in effect.  It is the responsibility of the principal to ensure that the minimum supervision ratios have been met prior to departure.  The naturalist must not be included when calculating the supervision ratio.   This will ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for the students, the teacher and the naturalist.   All volunteers must meet the requirements of the board policy on volunteers (B-7.2). Minimum Supervision ratios are as follows:

Kindergarten 1 Adult: 4 Children
Grade 1 1 Adult: 7 Children
Grade 2-6 1 Adult: 10 Children
Grade 7+ 2 Adults

If a class arrives at the centre without the required supervision ratio in place, the naturalist must contact the school to request additional supervision.  If the school is unable to comply with that request within a reasonable amount of time, the school will be asked to arrange for busing and the class must be returned to school. Younger siblings or children that a volunteer is babysitting, may not attend with the class.