Wireless Facts And Monitoring

The following information is the property of Kawartha Pine Ridge District School Board and is intended to communicate our testing and monitoring process for wireless technologies in our schools. This protocol has been developed by KPR to ensure that a standard testing and monitoring process for all KPR schools is followed and that all testing activities are compliant with the standards established by Health Canada.


We have established a testing protocol that will ensure that all WiFi equipment deployed within our buildings is safe for our students and staff, and well within the standards established by Health Canada.

Before testing begins, an environmental scan will be performed at each of our school sites. Any potential existing EMF sources will be noted such as cell phone towers, possible residential, commercial or industrial buildings with existing WiFi, microwave ovens, cordless phones.

We will test prior to implementation to establish base line readings at all school sites. At this time all other electromagnetic frequency (EMF) readings will be recorded.

Post-implementation measurements will then be conducted at each school location on an annual basis. This will involve random samplings at each school site directly below the access points and at aggregated or concentration points where multiple mobile devices are in use.

In the event of an anomaly in the readings above the standards established by Health Canada may be discovered we will communicate directly and immediately with the School Superintendent, School Administrator and Health and Safety Committee. WiFi in that school location will be immediately disabled until the source of the anomaly in the readings are located, be they internal or external, at which time remedial action will take place and the defective equipment/source will be disabled and/or replaced.

As part of the Instructional Technology Plan roll-out, the Board’s Education Centre’s WiFi equipment has been upgraded with the same technology being deployed in our schools. This has offered us an opportunity to take initial readings throughout our Education Centre. We have provided those findings here:

Health Canada’s Safety Code 6 establishes 10 W/m2 as the limit for all WiFi equipment

EMF readings were taken within the Education Centre with the following results. The detailed results of those readings are in Appendix “B”.

The highest reading obtained at a wireless access point was 0.00984 W/m2, which is equivalent to .098% of the limit established by Health Canada.

With a concentration of 15 Laptops streaming video at the same time, the highest reading recorded at the access point was 0.0153 W/m2 or .153% of the limit established by Health Canada.

Measurements taken from a cell phone streaming video were 0.0605 W/m2 or .605% of the limit established by Health Canada.

Measurements taken at a microwave oven set at high for 30 seconds in the staff lounge were at 0.956 W/m2 or 9.56% of Health Canada’s limit.

The following graph illustrates the limit established by Health Canada’s Safety Code 6 and the readings taken within the Education Centre.


Illustration of peak readings
Survey results from all schools in Ontario regarding presence of wi-fi in the schools
Chart indicating the amount of time wi-fi has been in schools in survey