Rules and Regulations for Community Use of Schools

In accordance with Board Policy: B-8.2 Community Use and Access to School Facilities, and accompanying regulation B-8.2.1, permit holders are responsible for the conduct and supervision of all persons admitted to school buildings and grounds, and must ensure that the following rules and regulations are observed.

1. Subject to approval of the Board, school facilities may be used by responsible parties for the purpose of meetings, discussions, entertainment or recreation having a public, civic or educational value, and that demonstrate due regard for the values and beliefs of Kawartha Pine Ridge District School Board (KPRDSB). 

2. Permit applications completed online by community groups are considered signed and binding requests.  If additional time is required before or after an event for set up or clean up, this time must be arranged in advance and included in the permit.  We require a minimum of five days’ notice in advance of the requested date in order to process permits.

3. Permit holders must have a copy of the approved permit at each event.  Persons unable to produce the permit may have entrance to school facilities delayed or denied until permit verification is provided.

4. Notice of cancellation must be provided at least five business days prior to the booking or a cancellation fee will be charged.  Student Not-for-Profit (NFP) groups pay 50% of the weekend rate for cancellations and no shows.  Cancellations and no shows for other categories, including Student NFP Weekends, pay the full hourly rate.  Any no shows for weekend bookings will be subject to an additional custodial charge of $35.00/hour for Saturday bookings and $45.00/hour for Sunday bookings.  These additional fees apply to all community groups, including Student and Community Not-for-Profit organizations. Weekend bookings must be for a minimum of three hours and custodial fees apply after 4:00 p.m.

5. The decision of the Board shall be final in all matters pertaining to rental fees and the use of school premises.  School use takes precedence and your booking may need to be cancelled or relocated.  When required, repair and maintenance of the Board's buildings will also take precedence over community use.  There shall be no claim or right to damage or reimbursement on account of any loss, damage or expenses incurred by the applicant.

6. No person in possession of, or under the influence of, intoxicating beverages, narcotics or hallucinatory drugs shall be permitted on any school premises.

7. No fire arms or weapons of any sort are allowed on Board property.

8. Smoking is not permitted on Board property.  The use of tobacco offerings or sacred smoke (smudging) through the use of sage or sweet grass for Aboriginal ceremonial purposes will be allowed.

9. The permit holder is responsible for the conduct of their group. Should the permit holder not be onsite for the duration of the permit, the event coordinator is responsible for the safety and conduct of the group. All permit holders, and event coordinators must be 18 years of age or older. 

10. Groups are to restrict their activity to the space rented.  A Facilities Services staff member, familiar with emergency and security procedures, must be on site for all permits.  He/she is on duty for the care and protection of school property, not as a supervisor of an activity in progress.

11. Use of school lighting, sound equipment, PA system and/or score clock may be made available at individual schools.  In some cases (i.e. school auditoriums), the services of a trained operator for an additional fee may be required.  Fireworks, dry ice, fog/smoke machines and pyrotechnical devices are NOT permitted.

12. Any use of an open flame function, other than approved cooking classes, is strictly prohibited.

13. Consumption of food and beverages (besides water) is prohibited in gymnasiums and auditoriums. The sale and/or distribution of food, beverages or other confections must comply with Ministry Health and Fire Safety Regulations and is prohibited in any gymnasium, auditorium, or general purpose room and the halls and corridors adjacent thereto, except as specifically provided for in the permit.

14. Rental groups using the facilities should practice waste reduction and use recycling and compost bins as provided at each school.  Rental groups using school playing fields are responsible for taking their garbage with them at the end of their games and practices.

15. When classrooms are being used, chalkboards, equipment, and teacher aids must not be disturbed and the rooms must be left in original state of order.  SmartBoards are NOT available for use.

16. Requests for athletic equipment must be made in advance and recorded on the permit.  Users are responsible for the replacement value of any damaged or lost equipment, at the current rate.  Unless prior arrangements are made, caretakers are not authorized to provide access to equipment or facilities not listed on the permit.

17. Gymnasiums and multi-purpose rooms are primarily intended for athletics and regulation footwear must be worn when used for recreational or athletic purposes.  When used for a purpose other than athletics, the holder of this permit will be held responsible to ensure that damage is not caused to floors by unsuitable footwear or other means.  Winter footwear must be removed.  Bleachers are not to be used unless they are in the open position.

18. Nuts, nut products, shellfish, fragrances and latex may pose a significant health risk to students and community members and are NOT permitted on most school properties.  Animals, with the exception of service dogs, are NOT permitted on school property.

19. Parking is restricted to designated areas and the user group is responsible for parking control.

20. All groups will comply with fire regulations.  Any costs incurred as a result of false fire alarms will be the responsibility of the user.

21. Permit holders are responsible for the cost of all loss or damage to the school building, equipment, and grounds, occasioned or arising from the use of said building, equipment, or grounds by any person or persons who may be therein or thereon by permission or invitation of the holders of the said permit. Community users will not be permitted to carry out essential repairs and maintenance resulting from loss or damage.  The Board will not be held responsible for personal injury or damage to, or for the loss or theft of, anything belonging to the applicant or anyone attending the event.

22. The Board reserves the right to request partial or full payment of fees prior to the date(s) of use.

23. All users of school facilities must provide proof of liability insurance with a certificate of insurance that lists Kawartha Pine Ridge District School Board as Additional Insured. Where a group does not have liability insurance, insurance can be purchased through the Board when permit request is made.  Insurance premiums, once paid, are non-refundable. 

24. Additional specific requirements may apply, depending on the nature of a group’s activities.  Any such requirements or expectations will be communicated to groups with approval of the permit.

25. School doors may be locked 15 minutes after the permit starts, unless otherwise arranged with the school. The permit holder is then responsible for receiving any late comers.