Specialized Equipment and Assistive Technology


Equipment recommended based on professional assessments can be provided to meet each student’s specific needs.

There are 3 types of software accessible for use in classrooms:

  • Ministry of Education Licensed
    The Ministry of Education licenses software for use in Ontario schools. This software is made available at all KPR schools on curriculum computers. To see what is available for your classroom, go to the Ontario Software Acquisition Program Advisory Committee (OSAPAC) web site www.osapac.org and click on the Software/Resources Search tab. 

  • KPRDSB Licensed
    Based on the needs of our students, the KPRDSB has purchased special licenses for specific software that is accessible for all students. This software is installed on all school curriculum computers. 

  • Specialized Equipment Licensed
    For students with a more specific need, the Kawartha Pine Ridge will purchase specialized software for students who receive a recommendation by a qualified professional. This software is part of the students Special Equipment Amount (SEA) Claim and is assigned to the student.

For more information on specialized equipment and assistive technology to support students, please see the Special Equipment for Students with Special Needs brochure.   Your school’s Special Education Resource Teacher can also provide excellent advice on technology that can help students, including practical software available to families.