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eLearning/Technology Enabled Learning and Teaching

At Kawartha Pine Ridge DSB, we provide students with educational opportunities to support their learning through the use of technology. We foster the growth of 21st century competencies through the use of digital tools and virtual interactions to provide increased choice and flexibility in your child’s education through online courses. 


Students have the opportunity to take courses online which they can select through their Guidance Counsellor.
Registration in eLearning provides students with access to a wide variety of courses from OeLC member school boards
across Ontario. Online courses provide flexibility for students who may have conflicts in their schedules or are experiencing other challenges. Courses are developed in conjunction with the Ministry of Education and delivered by certified Ontario teachers. 

For current elearning course options, please visit the OeLC (Ontario eLearning Consortium) by clicking on the offering school year.


The challenges and expectations for students learning online can be different from the traditional classroom setting.  Check out  key tips to being successful in eLearning by clicking Being Successful in eLearning

All eLearning programming offered through the OeLC is delivered through D2L Brightspace:



Blended Learning

Kawartha Pine Ridge DSB engages our students through Blended Learning opportunities.  The focus of blended learning is to provide students with the opportunity to make use of technology tools to enhance their learning in the classroom and develop 21st century competencies.

Teachers promote the use of digital tools in research, communication, creation and presentation of student learning. Students can access information, communicate with peers virtually and submit assessments digitally to their teachers.

How can our Secondary Programming help you?

  • Work collaboratively with teachers in evaluating technology enabled resources for student learning (e.g., apps, digital materials, website)

  • Support in using the provincial VLE (Virtual Learning Environment) - D2L Brightspace https://kprdsb.elearningontario.ca/

  • Connect teachers/parents/ and students through Edsby https://kpr.edsby.com/

Connect students to the TVO Mathify tutoring program (Registration Guide Brochure)

Role of your Instruction Leadership Consultants

Kawartha Pine Ridge DSB work collaboratively with staff and students to create an understanding of the enabling role of technology for students to attain the competencies for learning in the 21st century (Character Education, Citizenship, Communication, Critical Thinking and Problem-Solving, Collaboration, and Creativity). Technology use is focused on enabling students to be innovative, intellectually curious, and creative in their learning.

Your KPRDSB eLearning Contacts:

eLearning Principal

Charlotte Filip

Email: charlotte_filip@kprdsb.ca

Phone: (877) 741-4577 ext. 3124


Consultant: eLearning and Secondary School Instruction

Jon O’Connor


Email: jonathon_oconnor@kprdsb.ca

Phone: (877) 741-4577 ext. 2126


eLearning Registrar

Tracey Shevchuk

Email: elearning_registrar@kprdsb.ca 

Phone: (877)741-4577 ext. 2191


Consultant: eLearning and Secondary School Instruction

Mike Sherwin


Email: michael_sherwin@kprdsb.ca

Phone: (877) 741-4577 ext. 2387