Dual Credit Program

The School-College-Work Initiative (SCWI) was created as part of the Student Success Program in Ontario and it is through this program that dual credits are offered at every secondary school in KPR. Dual Credit programs are courses that are offered in partnership with area colleges. Students enrolled in a dual credit are earning a credit that counts towards their high school diploma as well as a college credit, at no charge to the student. Typically, dual credits are offered along with Grade 12 courses, and students can earn up to four dual credits as part of their high school pathway plan.

What are the benefits?

Students are not only earning both high school and college credits, but they are also getting an opportunity to gain the skills necessary to ease the transition to post-secondary programs. Students who take part in this program may also have a lighter course load at college since they have already started to accumulate credits. Dual credit students have a head start on learning and training for their future careers.

Where can I find more information?

To find out which dual credits are available at your school, be sure to book an appointment with your school Guidance counsellor.  Information is also available from the following web sites:

Who are our college partners?