How Can I Help My Child?

How can I support my child’s French language acquisition?

  • attend parent-teacher interviews;
  • participate in parent workshops and school council activities;
  • encourage your child to complete his/her assignments;
  • provide your child with opportunities to practise new skills and apply new learning at home;
  • encourage your child to talk, read, and write at home in his/her first language to strengthen their first-language skills which are the foundation for learning French;
  • read aloud to your child either in his/her first language or in French;
  • encourage your child to write in French (e.g., shopping lists, stories, a letter);
  • go to the library with your child to borrow books, music, and DVDs in his/her first language and in French, and talk about them with him/her; 

CPF - Canadian Parents for French

Join a local group like Canadian Parents for French to meet other parents and to find out about French resources and cultural opportunities in the community.