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KPR Staff Resource Booklet

The intent of this resource booklet is to provide a brief overview of the cultures, heritage and perspectives of the First Nation, Métis and lnuit peoples of Canada for educators of primary, elementary and secondary students.

Nurturing the First Nation, Métis and Inuit Spirit in Our Schools


Aboriginal Education Office
900 Bay Street, 12th Floor, Mowat Block
Toronto, Ontario  M7A 1L2
Tel:  416-326-3561 Fax:  416-325-2517

Regional Offices of the Ministry of Education
Barrie Regional Office
Unit 9
20 Bell Farm Rd
Barrie ON L4M 6E4
Phone: 1-800-471-0713, or (705) 725-7627

Additional Resources

  • Full Circle: First Nations, Métis, and Inuit Ways of Knowing (OSSTF, 2012)
  • Martin Aboriginal Education Initiative -
  • Inspire Indigenous Education Canada's Future -




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