Character Development

The Board worked with a wide cross-section of community representatives to introduce its Character Development program for the school district. Character Development focuses on 10 positive character attributes in day-to-day teaching and activities in all grades.

Those 10 character attributes are: Respect, Responsibility, Honesty, Integrity, Empathy, Fairness, Initiative, Perseverance, Courage, and Optimism. Each school engages in actions that support Character Development within their community.

The Board has initiated a number of character-focused activities, including:

  • Encouraging the development and refinement of character in our students and employees
  • Forming new community partnerships
  • Partnering with local police to offer the Duke of Edinborough Awards and other programs
  • Increasing the number of Character Development celebrations, scholarships and awards
  • Embedding character attributes in policy development
  • Developing and distributing a brochure entitled "Character Makes a Difference!"
  • Development of an Equity and Diversity Calendar, in print and electronic format

Monthly Attributes

September - Optimism
I have a positive attitude. I see challenges as opportunities. I think, and act to make the world a better place. I have hope for the future.

October - Fairness
I am sensitive to the needs of individuals. I include others and value their uniqueness. I celebrate diversity. I treat people with dignity and consideration with which I would like to be treated. I gather as much information as possible in order to make a decision that is just.

November - Courage
I face challenges directly. I speak up for myself and others even when it may be unpopular. I ask for help when necessary. I recognize risks and dangers and do not take unwise chances to please others.

December - Respect
I am polite, courteous and caring. I value myself and others. I treat all people with dignity and uphold their rights. I protect property and our environment.

January - Initiative
I am eager to do what needs to be done without being prompted by others. I seize opportunities and willingly take the steps necessary towards achieving a goal.

February - Empathy
I respect the feelings of others. I seek to understand what others are thinking to appreciate their perspectives. I listen and consider their views, even though we may not agree. I act with kindness and compassion.

March - Honesty
I am sincere, truthful and trustworthy.

April - Responsibility
I am responsible for my thoughts, words and actions. I am accountable for my choices. I admit my mistakes and work to correct them. People can depend on me to honour my commitments. I demonstrate active citizenship.

May - Integrity
I behave in an ethical and honourable manner even when no one else is around. I am genuine, in that my actions consistently match my words.

June - Perseverance
I finish what I start, even when it is difficult. I do not give up even when faced with challenges or obstacles. I complete all tasks and assignments to the best of my ability.                    

Lesson Plans

  1. Character Counts website offers a database with various lesson plans. You can search the lesson plans by attribute, age and subject -

  2. Education World - A Lesson in Character Connect with Yourself (K-6) -

  3. Education World - Self-Esteem Lesson: My Positive Traits -

Strategies for School and Classroom

  1. A Media Campaign for Character Education - combines effective communication through media techniques and character education and helps students cultivate the skills of critical thinking, critical literacy, and reflective writing as they work -

  2. ETFO - Social Justice Begins With Me resource provides a list of K-8 picture books dealing with bullying -