Accessibility Awareness Training for Educators

Under the legislation, only educators are required to complete the following training. As per section 16, "Training to Educators", of the Integrated Accessibility Standards Regulation made under the AODA, 2005, 'educators' refers to those involved in program or course design, delivery and instruction. At KPR, this includes: Teachers, Child and Youth Workers, Educational Assistants, Early Childhood Educators, Teaching Assistants, Occasional Teachers, and Staff of School Boards (i.e. Instructional Leadership Consultants).

The following resources and links are provided for your required Accessibility Awareness Training regarding accessible program or course design, delivery and instruction. Please reflect on the following questions prior to commencing training:

  1. What does the term "accessibility" mean? 
  2. What are the most important accessibility issues for students and staff in our school/site?
  3. In what ways is our school/site accessible to students, staff and members of the public?
  4. What could our school/site do to improve accessibility and inclusion of students, staff and members of the public?
  5. Why is it important that educators receive accessibility training and how might it benefit everyone?


1) Message from the Lieutenant Governor of Ontario

Please view the Message from the Lieutenant Governor of Ontario The Hon. David C. Onley

Reflection: What quotes from The Hon. David C. Onley’s message support your school’s SIPSA goals?

2) The Teachable Project

The Ontario Educational Services Corporation (OESC) has put together a website, "The Teachable Project", to provide educators with information and training pertaining to Accessibility Awareness.

Please visit "The Teachable Project" website and complete the following scavenger hunt activities while navigating the site:

Find and view the video, "An Introduction to Accessibility"

Find and review several of the "CONTINUUMS". Reflect on your own experiences, practices and students.

Find the "Lesson Guide" area on the website. Review the lesson plans available for your subject or grade.

CHALLENGE: Create a timeline for implementing a lesson or ideas from the website into your practice. Share with colleagues at a future staff meeting.

3) Accessibility at Kawartha Pine Ridge DSB

Please view and become familiar with the Accessibility, Disability and Special Education resources available to you through Kawartha Pine Ridge District School Board’s Equity and Diversity Resource Library


After you have received your employee ID#, create your Accessibility Awareness Training Certificate
* Be sure to print your certificate and give a copy to your Supervisor.