Questions and Answers about Online Registration and the Early Years Experiences Survey

Online Kindergarten Registration...Easy, Fast and Convenient  

Why is our school board using online registration for Kindergarten?

Online student registration allows parents to sign up for Kindergarten using any device connected to the Internet, any day of the week, and any time of day. During the 2016-17 school year, online registration was available for the first time in our board. This year, the Ministry of Education has asked all school boards to develop and/or enhance their online registration processes.

Online registration allows the information entered by families, once reviewed and approved, to be migrated directly into Trillium, our student registration system. This reduces the likelihood of data entry errors in student information.

How does online registration work?

Families can access the link to online registration link here or from the home page of our website by clicking on Student Registration.

Parents or guardians create an account using their email address. Then, they complete the fillable fields, providing all of the information requested. Once completed, the form is sent to the school for review. The school secretary receives the registration form and checks for completeness and accuracy. The form may be sent back and forth between the parent/guardian and school until the form is complete.

As a final step, once the form is complete, parents/guardians will need to visit the school to provide the following information:

·         Birth certificate

·         Proof of address

·         Citizen verification

·         Custody documents (if applicable).

Parents will receive a Kindergarten Registration Package when they visit the school, containing a welcome letter, a book, information about busing, and strategies to support a successful start to school.

The Kindergarten web page also contains a wealth of resources, including videos, tips for new Kindergarten families, and links to our educational partners’ resources. Families are encouraged to visit and take advantage of the information available.

Do parents have to register online?

No, parents are not required to register online. A paper copy of the registration form can still be printed, completed and submitted to the school for data entry. The paper copy can be picked up in school offices or print a pdf by clicking here.

Why should parents register online?

Online registration is convenient, allowing parents to register at a time that works with their schedule, without having to visit a school to get a registration form.

Online registration is faster because parents/guardians don’t have to wait for the school to enter their information. It also reduces the likelihood of errors. The registration form is conveniently accessible from the Kindergarten web page, where there are many resources available for families.

Early Years Experiences Survey

What is the Early Years Experiences (EYE@K) Survey?

The Ministry of Education has created a survey called Early Years Experiences, to be completed by parents when registering for Kindergarten. The survey asks questions about children’s participation in child care and other early years’ activities in the community, from birth until now.

How do parents complete the survey?

The Early Years Experiences survey has been incorporated into the Online Student Registration process. Parents will be asked to complete the survey while completing their online registration, accessible from

Why is the survey part of Kindergarten Registration?

The Ministry of Education has asked that this survey be included as part of the Kindergarten Registration process in all school boards. Completing the survey as part of the registration process allows for linkages and connections between early years experiences and Kindergarten.

What will the Ministry of Education do with this information?

The answers provided will be shared within schools to help educators and principals support children’s transitions to full-day kindergarten. The information will also be shared with the Ministry of Education, the school board and child care system planners in the community. The information will help to plan, coordinate and improve the programs and services for families and young children in communities.

Is the survey anonymous and confidential?

Information provided in the Early Years Experiences Survey will be kept confidential, but it is not anonymous. Information will be linked to student and parent names, as well as Ontario Education Numbers, in our student registration system. Information will be shared as identified above in Question 4, including the sharing of data in aggregate (with no names provided) at the community level to inform programs and services.  This personal information is collected under the legal authority of the Education Act R.S.O.1980, s.8.1. Questions about the collection and use of the information can be directed to

Is the survey mandatory?

No, the Early Years Experiences Survey is not mandatory. It is an optional survey. This section of the online registration form can be skipped if families choose not to participate. Parents and guardians are encouraged to complete the survey, to provide information in support of improved early years programs and services in their community.