Balanced Day

 A "balanced day" refers to the way that the school day is scheduled. Instead of having the traditional morning and afternoon recess and longer lunch break, the balanced day is divided into three 100 minute sessions separated by two nutrition breaks of 40 to 50 minutes. However, different times can be used as long as the instructional time for each day totals 300 minutes.

KPR schools began the balanced day schedule primarily to address the number of transitions throughout the day and improve delivery of programs for students.  This structure would reduce the amount of time that students would take to prepare for three recess breaks, thereby increasing instructional time and student time on task.   


  • Principals report increased time-on-task for students given the longer nutrition breaks which allow for snack/lunch time, dressing for winter weather, returning from recess and taking off winter gear.

  • The balanced day allows children to eat within a schedule that is more conducive to a growing body.

  • Having snack time indoors, as part of each nutrition break, reduces the risk of bee stings, which is of particular concern for students who are allergic.

  • Teachers comment that it is easier to focus students after the second break and maintain focus, rather than trying to get students back on-task after a third recess.

  • Schools can offer more co-instructional activities such as music or athletics, since there are now two sessions in the day when they can be offered.

For more information on the balanced day, please speak with your principal.