Role of the School Council Secretary video script


Welcome to the Role of the School Council Secretary.

This training session is part of Kawartha Pine Ridge District School Board’s commitment to communication with and professional development for school councils.

School councils play an important role in the Education System, namely to provide support and feedback to principals and school boards in order to improve student success.

The School Council Secretary has two main responsibilities, first to objectively record the proceedings and decisions of school council meetings, and second to post and distribute minutes for council members and interested parents to review.

Individual school councils may specify additional responsibilities for their Secretary in their council’s constitution.

This session will go over the process for recording and distributing minutes and provide some tips to make your job a little easier. 


Before the Meeting

Here are some important things that you need to know from the start:

Minutes must be taken at all School Council meetings.

Minutes must be kept on file for four years, and

Minutes should be made available to any person upon request, free of charge.

Once your Chairperson has set the agenda for the first meeting, distribute it to the other Council members. Sample agenda and minutes templates are available in the Tips Section of the School Council website.

Some Secretaries like to use a laptop for recording minutes, while others prefer the good old-fashioned pen and paper method. Use whatever is comfortable for you. 

Here’s another tip. Give council members note pads before the meeting starts. 

Whenever they mention a name, a company, a phone number, address or other detailed information, ask them to write it down and give it to you at the end of the meeting. This helps you to reduce errors without taking time out of the meeting.


During the Meeting

A few key things DURING the meeting.

When taking minutes, just record the decision or action. You don’t need to record word-for-word everything that happened.

Take time to participate. Although you are the Secretary, you are also a contributing member of the School Council.  

It’s ok to interrupt if you need clarification. Your job is to record what’s happening. If you are unclear about anything, ask.

It’s a good idea to sit beside the Chairperson because they are running the meeting. 

If you are having trouble keeping up, the Chairperson can bring people back on track.


After the Meeting

After the meeting, you need to finalize the minutes and get them approved before posting.

It is a good idea to complete your minutes within a week of the meeting – before you start to forget what happened. Once you are satisfied with the minutes, mark them as “DRAFT” and forward them to your Chairperson. The Chairperson then reviews and edits the minutes. Distribute the minutes to council members with the next agenda.


At the next meeting, the council will vote to accept the minutes.

There are two possibilities when this happens. The council will accept the draft minutes as they were distributed OR the minutes may be edited or changed and then accepted.

Remember to file and post the minutes in the designated location at your school. This could be a file cabinet and a bulletin board, or sometimes the school website.

And that’s the Role of the School Council Secretary.

In Kawartha Pine Ridge District School Board, we appreciate the countless volunteer hours put in by our School Council Secretaries, and we hope this video helps you better understand your role.