Tip Sheet 2: Bringing a Group Together


Bringing a Group Together

Conduct a Group Discovery exercise to bring your group together. Participants are asked to share such things as why they want to be part of Council, their “big” issues, particular skill sets and knowledge or areas of expertise that they have.  This activity is especially effective when there are many new people at the table.

The purpose of a Group Discovery is:

• to learn about the group

• to get to know the committee members and find out what their main issues and motivations are

• to identify skills and knowledge bases that may be valuable to the committee at a later date

• to build “group cohesiveness” and find common ground.

Ask group members to complete a short survey individually and then have a round table discussion and record the input on a flip chart. Ask the following questions:

• Why do you want to be here?

• What issues are most important to you?

• What don’t you want?

• What skills, knowledge and experiences do you bring to the table?

• What do you believe to be your role?

• What else should we know about you?

The Chairperson should facilitate a round table discussion by noting areas of agreement and similar goals.  If past difficulties are brought to light, remind committee members that awareness and sensitivity are important.  The focus should not be on looking backward, but on moving forward together as a group.