Tip Sheet 5: How to Prepare an Action Plan Using the SWOT Process

How to prepare an action plan using the SWOT process

Developing an action plan involves making decisions about who will do what, where, how, why and at what cost. The creation of an action plan will help School Councils to meet their objectives. School Councils should prepare annual action plans, including all of the relevant information from their proposed budget. Mini action plans also may be created for particular projects.

To get started using the SWOT process:

• Break people into four groups and assign each group a letter: S (Strengths), W (Weaknesses), O (Opportunities) and T (Threats).

• Ask groups to generate a list for their letter based on the topic (i.e. Council’s strengths or opportunities, etc.).

• Think both big picture and small picture.

• Have the groups report back, record the information and post it for all to see.

• Ask the group to look at the list, pick out themes and reword them into goal statements i.e. recruit volunteers, improve communications.

• Make a list of all of the goals, ask group members to individually select their top three, then go through the list and ask people to raise their hands for each goal they chose as one of their top three.

• Reorder the goals in order of importance  - the higher the number of votes, the higher the priority of the goal.

To create the plan:

• Assign a person, or a committee, to each activity or task who will be responsible for making sure that the activity is completed properly and on time.

• Set realistic and achievable deadlines for each activity.

• Identify the resources you need to complete the activity (money, skills, equipment, number of volunteers, etc.).

• Determine how you will measure or evaluate the activity, to make sure it is carried out correctly and that it has achieved the results you expected.