Tip Sheet 16: Solving Educational Concerns (Who to Contact)

Tip Sheet 16: Solving Educational Concerns (Who to Contact)

If you or your children have a question, suggestion, concern or problem, we want to hear from you. Please follow the steps indicated below so we may help you in an efficient manner.

1. As the first step, please contact your child's teacher. Most questions or problems can be resolved immediately this way.

2. If you feel more action is required, we encourage you to contact your principal or vice-principal. Your principal organizes, manages and leads the school. They also oversees teaching and discipline at the school. Please call the school office to set up an appointment and ensure that you have the time needed to discuss the matter.

3. If you still are not satisfied, please call the Superintendent of Student Achievement responsible for your school. Your superintendent oversees the operations of groups of schools and leads schools in improving student achievement. He or she is responsible for fair and open resolution of school/community issues that cannot be solved at the school level. Contact information for your superintendent is available on the Board website at www.kprschools.ca/boardroom/supervisory_officers.php

4. Finally, if a resolution has not been found, please contact the Director of Education. The Director is the educational leader for the entire school community. The Director oversees implementation of Board policies and achievement of the Board's strategic objectives. This includes educational, cultural, strategic, organizational, fiscal, human relations and communications leadership. To contact the Director, please call 705-742-9773 or toll-free at 1-877-741-4577.

Trustees also welcome your questions and comments about educational policy and Board decisions. For concerns related to your child, trustees usually will refer you to the staff member who can address the problem. Trustee contact information is available at www.kprschools.ca/boardroom/trustees.php


For transportation-related concerns, please contact the Student Transportation Services of Central Ontario (STSCO). Contact the route planner or route supervisor for your area, by calling 705-748-5500 or toll-free at 1-800-757-0307, ext. 230 for Northumberland/Clarington and ext. 240 for Peterborough City and County.

General Information

For general information about school or Board programs, policies and other matters, please ask your principal. If your principal does not have the information, they may direct you to your superintendent.

Other sources of general information include the Board website at www.kprschools.ca or the Communications Office at 705-742-9773, ext. 2001 or toll-free at 1-877-741-4577.