Tip Sheet 15: Top 10 Things All Councils Should Know

This list was created from school council member input at the annual School Council

Trustee Dialogue Session, held in spring 2007.

1. Focus your attention on student achievement. Look for activities that complement this objective, such as input to the school improvement plan.

2. Respect fellow members of council. Remember that all parents have the same goal, to do the best they can for their children.

3. Ensure that a council representative attends Regional Council meetings. These are valuable sessions with beneficial information.

4. Learn how to delegate! The chairperson, or any other single person, cannot be the only person doing work.

5. Focus on succession planning to interest and recruit other parents. This ensures that the work of council will continue with each new group of parents.

6. Get to know your principal and school secretary. These are essential relationships that have a huge impact on the effectiveness of any council.

7. If you don’t know, ask! Ask your principal, your superintendent or your Trustee for information and clarification. They are more than willing to help.

8. Provide input to the school board when asked for it on policies, plans and anything else. They do listen!

9. Meet with the previous chairperson if you are a new chair. Learn from them, because it will save you time.

10. Regularly check the Kawartha Pine Ridge website at www.kprschools.ca to learn about policies and Board meetings, and other valuable information. The school councils section at www.kprschools.ca/parents/school_councils.php is particularly helpful.