Tip Sheet 14: Top 10 Fundraising Tips

Here are some tips to help you raise funds like a professional!

Create a plan. Be inventive in your fundraising activities. Strategize before you start and make a plan to organize your event. Always have a backup plan, just in case!

Start early. Get your plan in place and your volunteers lined up as soon as you can. You don’t want to be rushing around to finish everything at the last minute.

Aim high. Set a target for your event and you'll probably exceed it. Tell everyone you know about your project and get them excited about your fundraising goal.

Recruit volunteers. Friends, family members, co-workers and neighbours make great volunteers. They're also very good at spreading the word and helping you publicize your event.

Be proud. Remember the money you're raising is going to help the students and the school. Make sure everyone involved in the event knows how the funds will be used and how the students and school will benefit.

Invite everyone you know. Most people enjoy fundraisers, especially ones that are fun and well-planned. You never know who will attend or how much they will give unless you ask them!

Set a good example. When collecting donations, try to make sure that the first donation on your form is a good-sized one. Other people will often follow the example set by the first person on the list

Collect donations, not promises. Try to collect donations right away. It can be time- consuming and frustrating to go back several times to collect the money that was pledged to you.

Give back to donors. If merchants or individuals donate prizes or money, make sure you publicly acknowledge their support. Put their names or logos on your promotional material or post a "thank you to our sponsors" sign at your event. Make sure you send a written note thanking them for their help when the event is over.

Stay positive and maintain a good attitude. Fundraising often comes with a lot of "no's." Plan for that and don't let refusals get you down. Keep going for those "yes's" and your event is bound to be a success!