Tip Sheet 13: Great Fundraising Ideas!

Details on these fundraisers and many more ideas are available at www.fundraising-ideas.org

Best Seat in the House:

First, find a sofa to use. This fundraiser involves raffling off tickets for a student (or adult) and two friends to win the best seat in the house. Tickets are sold throughout the week prior to a volleyball, basketball, or football game or any other school event. Before the event, announce the winner. The winner gets to sit on the sofa with two of his or her friends. Make sure the sofa is in an ideal spot to view the game or event. During a break or intermission, give the winner and guests snacks and drinks.

Blind auction:

Ask for donations, either humorous or something of real value. Sometimes companies will donate items in exchange for advertising on your flyer. Wrap each one in a box and use your imagination to disguise the contents. Then, put the boxes on display and ask people to bid on them. Make sure that at least one of the boxes contains a special item of value and build excitement by announcing that this prize is in one of the mystery boxes. You can run the fundraiser as a silent or live auction and include it as part of another school event, such as an open house.

Jewel Jars. Ask students or parents to fill mason jars, plastic see-through bags, or any other container with interesting items of their choice. Items could include a jar of bubble gum, rubber balls, chocolate, etc. Advertise the event within the school community and raffle off the unique jars to the highest bidder.

Karaoke night. Rent a karaoke machine and a library of songs. Invite people for an evening of entertainment and singing. Hold the event at the school gym and charge admission. Set up a bake sale or tea room to feed your guests and boost your revenue.

Face-painting. Set up a face-painting booth at a school event or fair and charge a small fee for decorating faces in wild and wonderful ways

Favourite photos contest. Have people donate cute or funny photos of themselves, their pets or their family. Put the photos on a display board and put jars under each one. People can "vote" by putting money in the jar under their favourite photo. The photo that raises the most money "wins."

Balloon bust. Ask local sponsors to donate prizes. Then fill balloons with helium and put notes inside each one, redeemable for a prize. Sell the balloons for a set price and let people choose the one they want. When they burst their balloon, they'll find out what prize they've won.

Pajama day. Hold a pajama day at the school. Ask students to pay a small fee to wear their pajamas to school. Invite teachers to take part in the fun. Hold contests for the funniest pajamas.

Student/parent basketball game. Set up a basketball or other sports game for parents or teachers to compete against students. Or have parents play against teachers.

Charge admission for the game.

Hired hand for a day. Auction off students or parents to be "hired hands" for a few hours. Auction them off to the highest bidder for simple jobs like raking leaves, mowing lawns or cooking dinner. Remember to advertise this event to the wider community, especially with any seniors’ community groups or retirement homes. Or, offer to come to them and hold one of these events.

Pot luck or bake sale day. This is a good way to encourage multicultural groups to participate by buying or making something from their own country – everyone donates an item for sale.

Guessing Game. Participants are given the opportunity to guess something and they pay for each guess. The simplest version is a large jar filled with virtually anything. Try to think of something interesting to the participants. The winner gets the jar and its contents!

Tip: Check with your local municipality regarding requirements for lottery licenses. Lottery licenses are required for games of chance; if an activity involves skill, a lottery license may not be required.