School Councils

Parental input and involvement play a large part in the success of schools within the Kawartha Pine Ridge District School Board. To ensure parents and guardians have a voice in their child's education, each school has established a committee called the "school council" designed to provide a platform for parental and community representation at the school.

As an advisory body, the school council works together to provide ideas and opinions to assist the principal in making the school a better place for learning. Membership is voluntary, with parents and guardians electing their own representatives. The school principal, staff, students and community members are encouraged to be involved in the school council, with all members working together to improve student achievement and success.

This website provides resources and information of use to school councils.  The following is a contact list of school council chairpersons, regional chairpersons and regional representatives: 2020-2021 School Council Chairpersons' Contact List.  Please let us know if you have suggestions or input to make this site better, by emailing or calling 705-742-9773 or toll-free 877-741-4577, ext. 2001.

School Council Support Guide and Videos

The School Council Support Guide was created based on school council feedback. It clarifies roles and responsibilities and provides professional development for school councils. The back of the guide also contains tip sheets. 

Please click here to be directed to our School Council video page, where you will find informative, short videos on the roles and expectations for School Council members, plus some practical tips!

KPR also has a Parent Involvement Committee, comprising parent, guardian and community representatives from across the Board. The Committee meets regularly to consider, and offer advice about, the ways the Board and schools can support and improve meaningful and inclusive parental involvement.  Learn more about the Parent Involvement Committee.


In September 1998, the Kawartha Pine Ridge District School Board established Board Policy No. B-6.1, School Councils. This policy was updated 27 October 2020 and was complemented in May 1999 by the addition of Board Policy No. B-6.2, School Councils' Associations. The latter policy introduced the structure of regional school council associations for implementation in September 1999. Thus, each superintendency created a regional association with the intent of promoting communication between school councils, administration and trustees within that superintendency and beyond.

Board Policy No. B-6.1, School Councils                                         Board Policy No. B-6.2, School Councils' Associations

Administrative Regulation No. BA-4.8.1, Fundraising - Guidelines      Administrative Regulations No. BA-4.8.1 Appendix

Ontario Regulations - School Councils

Ontario Regulation 6/12/00 confirms the advisory role of school councils and clearly states that their purpose is to improve student achievement and enhance the accountability of the education system to parents. This regulation also clarifies the role of school councils and establishes their right to express their views on any issues that are important to them.

NOTE: Regulation 612/00 was filed on 23 November 2000, and became effective immediately. This regulation for school councils replaced Policy and Program Memorandum (P/PM) 122, thereby revoking (P/PM) 122.

Ontario Regulation 613/00, also released in December 2000, is an amendment to Regulation 298 (Operation of Schools, General). It sets out the duties of principals regarding school councils, in addition to the duties already described in Regulation 298.

NOTE: Regulation 613/00 was filed on 23 November 2000, and became effective immediately. This regulation is an amendment to the existing "Operation of School -- General" Regulation 298 regarding Duties of Principals.

For more information, please see the following document by the Ontario Ministry of Education:

School Councils - A Guide for Members

KPR strives to ensure we provide accessible ways for persons with disabilities to communicate with us. You may request an alternative method of providing and receiving comments and information by contacting your school, emailing, or calling 1-877-741-4577, ext. 2001.