Parent Involvement Tips

Types of Parent Involvement

Parent involvement can be put into a number of categories, including:

  • communicating
  • helping students at home
  • attending school events
  • building parenting skills
  • volunteering
  • influencing decision-making.

Following are some examples of activities for each type of parent involvement


Communicating effectively with your child's teachers, principal, bus driver, and other educational staff is an important form of involvement.

Communication activities include:

  • reading and responding to report cards and other progress reports
  • asking your child about his or her school and social life, and taking an active interest
  • using student agendas to keep up-to-date on expectations and homework
  • reading school newsletters and other information pieces, such as the school website, school sign or bulletin boards
  • participating in parent-teacher interviews
  • contacting the teacher or principal with any questions and concerns
  • contacting the superintendent of your child's school about unresolved concerns
  • contacting your elected Trustee about educational issues or school board decisions.