Improved Ventilation, Hands-free Water Bottle Stations at All Schools

Student and staff well-being is our highest priority. With financial support from the federal and provincial governments for COVID-related safety improvements, KPR has been actively taking the following steps over the past year:


  • Most KPR schools have centrally controlled air refresh systems, monitored and maintained in optimal condition by qualified staff. At these schools, we installed higher grade air filters (MERV 13 filters). The systems also have alarms so that we can identify and fix problems immediately.
  • We upgraded the minimum amount of fresh air in our air exchange systems from 20% to at least 35%.
  • Over the past year, we placed over 1,200 stand-alone HEPA (high efficiency particulate air) filter units in classrooms, starting with all Kindergarten classrooms.
  • Air inside our schools is totally exchanged 1-2 hours before students and staff arrive each day.
  • We hired an independent HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning) consultant to review all of our plans and ensure we are taking the best possible steps for the next 5 years.
  • KPR is continuing to apply $10.75 million in federal and provincial grants for COVID-related improvements, over the rest of this year. They include major projects at 10 elementary and secondary schools to replace older HVAC systems, as well as installation of 206 hands-free bottle filling stations at all schools and five new portables at our schools. We also have upgraded the HVAC systems in 40 portables.
  • All new schools being built meet or exceed health and safety standards.


As a result of these steps, we can confirm that all classrooms in KPR will be serviced by either a stand-alone HEPA unit or a mechanical HVAC system. In addition, all schools will have hands-free water bottle filling stations.


See the complete list of approved projects funded by federal and provincial grants here:  Ministry Ventilation Report


The Board also received funding for new air handling units that were installed at ENSS in Brighton.

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