New Grade 9 Math

Grade 8 Families Letter June 2021

We are very pleased to announce a change coming to our Grade 9 mathematics courses, effective September 2021.

As part of the Ontario Ministry of Education's commitment to improve policies and practices, and provide opportunities for ALL students to be successful, students in Ontario will now benefit from a new de-streamed mathematics curriculum. This course removes academic and applied courses (de-streaming) in Grade 9 to ensure that all students are prepared for senior math courses in secondary school, and provided with equal opportunities to pursue any chosen post-secondary pathway in their future careers. Locally developed mathematics will continue to be offered.

In the new Grade 9 de-streamed mathematics course (MTH1W), students will use mathematical processes, modelling, and coding to make sense of the mathematics they are learning, and will apply their understanding to culturally responsive and relevant real-world situations.

Other highlights of the new Grade 9 math course include:

·         Financial literacy

·         Coding, and

·         Mathematical reasoning skills - including proportional reasoning, spatial reasoning, and algebraic reasoning, as students solve problems and communicate their thinking.

Please do not hesitate to contact your Principal should you have any questions. 

Questions and Answers about Grade 9 Mathematics

1.      What changes are happening with the Grade 9 mathematics courses?

Ontario’s Grade 9 math curriculum was last updated in 2005. The table below highlights the main changes to the course.

Grade 9 math: a guide for parents can be found at this link 

2.      Why is Grade 9 mathematics being de-streamed?

The new course will provide all students with the same learning experience. This is part of Ontario’s four-year math strategy to help students:

●     perform better in math

●     solve everyday math problems, and

●     be prepared for jobs of the future 

3.      What are the benefits to students?

There is strong evidence that supports not having Grade 8 students choose between applied and academic courses when they enter Grade 9. Some key benefits include:

●     setting high academic standards for all students

●     enabling students with a range of skills and interests to learn together

●     increasing opportunities and helping to remove systemic barriers for Indigenous, Black and other racialized students, students who live in low-income households, and students with disabilities and special education needs.

●     keeping future options open for all students (for example, going to college, university or apprenticeship)

4.      Does this course count as the prerequisite math credit for Grade 10 academic and applied?

Yes, this course fulfills the Grade 9 mathematics requirement and students can then take Grade 10 academic, Grade 10 applied or Grade 10 locally developed math. The Prerequisite Chart for Mathematics, Grade 9-12 can be found at this link

5.      I selected Grade 9 academic/applied when I completed my course selection  for next year, what happens now?

Schools will automatically replace an academic/applied course choice with the new Grade 9 math course.