Trustee Responsibilities

School boards, in consultation with their administrators and their school communities, set local policies, priorities, and budgets within the framework of provincial legislation and policy.

  • Boards establish their local budgets within the scope provided by their funding allocation. They are responsible for ensuring that their schools and staff have the professional capacity and the appropriate resources to meet provincial and local policies and priorities. They are equally responsible for spending the public funds they receive from the Province in a cost-effective and appropriate way.
  • Boards hold their directors of education and, through their directors, their superintendents, principals, teachers, and support staff accountable for meeting provincial and board policies and for ensuring that the board's funding allocation is spent in keeping with the Board budget.
  • Boards are accountable to their communities (their electors) and to the Province for continuous improvement in the level of student achievement in their schools.

    Dr. Mordechai Rozanski
    Report of the Education Equality Task Force, 2002