Jaine Klassen Jeninga

Township of Alnwick/Haldimand
Town of Cobourg
Township of Hamilton
Municipality of Port Hope

Phone: 905-396-5665
Email: jaine_klassenjeninga@kprdsb.ca

As a third term trustee with KPRDSB, my belief in public education is firmly rooted.

I was always enamored with school.  I loved attending school.  In fact, at the end of the school year I would beg my teachers for old or extra worksheets so that I could “play school” all summer!!  Of course, I was always the teacher and my friends, the students.

Programming, curriculum creation and implementation and special education have been my passion from the beginning.  My election platforms have been centrally formulated around those very topics.

Even in the eight full years as a Trustee, I have seen and experienced the shift in and our roles as Trustees to be a more cohesive and strengthened group – both provincially and locally - to ensure that our schools emphasize these same focuses and provide our youth with the tools they need to feel that they are valued, that they belong, and that we care enough to provide them with the supports they need to become productive individuals.

Student success is embodied in a variety of platforms: equity and diversity, special education funding, continued support of our Specialty High Skills Majors and promoting the Trades will give students a broad spectrum of learning and knowledge to function as successful members of society.

As the world around us evolves and technology grows exponentially, our job as Trustees evolves with changing roles in education.

We must be fiscally responsible while ensuring that our schools are producing students who are not "just capable" but will be successful and "leaders" in the Trades, Professional fields and the Workplace at large.

Education needs to be the bridge that brings schools and community together – children and adults alike – where one can learn from the other and develop new programs and skills that can benefit both parties.