Diane Lloyd

Chairperson of the Board

Municipality of Trent Lakes
Township of North Kawartha
Township of Selwyn

Phone: 705-652-3677
Email: diane_lloyd@kprdsb.ca

Presently serving her fifth term as a Trustee of the Board, Diane is currently Chairperson of the Board and served previously as Chairperson for 8 years.  She has also served as Vice Chairperson for one term, as well as Chairperson of the Audit, Resource, Budget, Expulsion and SALEP committees of the Board. In the last fifteen years she has been actively engaged in the wide breadth of the Board's corporate responsibilities and operations.

As a Trustee, Diane has embraced the great responsibility that has been entrusted to her by her community. While a responsive advocate for those within her constituency, she believes the role of Trustee is to, collectively with her fellow board members, make decisions that best serve the needs of students. These choices can be, at times, challenging and difficult ones.

Diane feels, however, that the prime consideration for any course of action by the board is to, first and foremost, support the continued achievement and accomplishment of board students.

She believes that schools need to be safe and welcoming environments for students and staff where learning skills are nurtured, and the unique and diverse contributions of each individual are valued and acknowledged.

Diane believes that schools are successful when students not only have the opportunity to learn the three R's, but experience an all-encompassing education where life and social skills are developed. For this reason, she is a strong proponent of the Board's Character Education program.

She also recognizes that while her fellow board members and administration may set the course and direction of the school district, it is the staff and people of the Board that make these goals a reality. Teachers and their fellow staff members are to be applauded for the daily contributions they make towards the successful future of our students. She believes that all within the KPR community, including Trustees, staff, parents and community members, share the same pursuit. This common aim is to ensure our graduates are well-adjusted and active citizens within their communities.