Cyndi Dickson

Municipality of Brighton
Township of Cramahe
City of Quinte West-Murray Ward

Phone: 613-475-4222

I believe that Trustees are the true advocates for their communities. I am proud to passionately represent: Municipality of Brighton, Cramahe Township and Quinte West/Murray Ward, both at the Board table and in the community.

Behind the scenes, there are many things Trustees do within their areas of representation that the public may not be aware of.  Working behind the scenes, I make connections and communicate with people, and most importantly build positive relationships. Two examples of this behind-the-scenes support are the solar project and the track at East Northumberland Secondary School.  Never underestimate the role of a Trustee; we are always out there making things happen and touching the lives of our communities.

At the Board, we make decisions that affect all of the communities within our school board. This is where I believe that our character attributes come into play, and why they are so important in all that we do. These must be seen at the Board-level, as we make decisions in the best interests of our students.  We all want to be treated with respect and integrity.  Doing this on a regular basis will have a positive ripple effect.

There is much work to be done for our students’ success, and I believe we need to keep moving forward not a little at a time, but with great movements forward in a small amount of time.  I believe we can move mountains if we focus on communication and working closely together at all levels. I know there is a lot to be done, and I will depend on you to provide me with feedback to make our school system one of the best in this province.

We all want the same thing - the best possible education for our children.