Cathy Abraham

Municipality of Clarington

Phone: 905-987-1833

I strongly believe that a quality public education system is paramount to a healthy society. At KPR, there is already much that we should take pride in and we will build upon our progress with strategies that further student success. It is a very exciting time in public education, and we are engaged in a number of activities that will continue our pursuit of student excellence.

At the centre of everything we do, are our students. Our mission, vision and values statements provide a strong foundation that guides our daily actions and decisions. Flowing from these core beliefs is our commitment to character education, equity and inclusion, and creativity and innovation. We also believe that, in all that we do, we are accountable to the public we serve.

We are fortunate to have valuable relationships with parents, staff and community members who support the development and success of our students. The inclusion of our students' voices, involvement of our parents, commitment of all of our staff members, and strong partnerships within our community are all important factors that influence our combined achievements.

I am constantly amazed by the imagination, wonder, artistry and joy of our students. Like each of our parents, I take pride in their accomplishments and am honoured to play a part in their future success.