Angela Lloyd

Township of Cavan Monaghan
Township of Douro-Dummer
Township of Otonabee-South Monaghan

Phone: 705-939-6967

Angela was recently elected as Vice-Chairperson and has represented her community as Trustee since her first election in 1993, serving as both Chairperson and Vice-chairperson in the past.

Angela has acted as Chairperson of most committees of the Board, and is an active and dedicated advocate for the educational needs of KPR students.

Among the many challenges facing the Board, Angela believes that the prime mission of the organization remains the continued success and achievement of its students.

This commitment to improving student achievement is also one of three Areas of Emphasis established by the Board in its Areas of Emphasis report for 2007 to 2011. These goals fall under three broad directives: Improved Student Achievement and Personal Development supported by Quality and Accountability, and were approved and developed by the Board of Trustees and administration after consultation with KPR's school communities

Angela believes the Board has made significant progress in meeting these goals and will continue to move forward, in cooperation with its communities, towards future success.

There remains, however, ongoing issues that the Board continues to direct its efforts to addressing, including school accommodations, remote and rural schools, and annual funding pressures.

These are challenges that Angela believes the Board is meeting.

While recognizing these obstacles, Angela feels it is equally important, however, to recognize and celebrate the work of the thousands of employees and community members who collectively make a difference in the lives of the Board's students. For Angela, the success and well-being of its students, remain the only reason for the Board's existence.

Besides her work on behalf of the students of the Board, Angela has been very active in the Millbrook community, where she resides, and has two children who have graduated from KPR schools.