Trustees Accountability & Ethics


Public school trustees are the critical link between communities and school boards. They ensure public schools meet the diverse needs of students in their communities. Together, trustees are responsible to their communities for the quality of education provided in local schools within an approved financial framework.

Each trustee is accountable, through applicable legislation and adopted policies, to:

  • their constituents
  • the Kawartha Pine Ridge District School Board
  • the province of Ontario

Trustees are encouraged:

  • to attend and participate in all regular board meetings and, as appointed, committees established by the board
  • to attend other board committees or task force assignments for which the trustee has volunteered or been appointed by the board
  • to represent the board on community based committees and functions for which the trustee has volunteered or been appointed by the board
  • to be knowledgeable about the Kawartha Pine Ridge District School Board and provincial/federal legislation in order that specific responsibilities can be carried out appropriately

Trustees have no individual authority. They have an individual responsibility to represent the constituents of their respective communities to the best of their ability. In this respect, it is the duty of the board, its staff and officers, to facilitate this opportunity, by receiving written or oral delegations and presentations by groups and individuals and to respond to them appropriately.


The following are principles and procedures derived from explicit laws (statutes), common law precedents and long established practice:

The board may delegate authority to an individual trustee, employee or committee. However, ultimate control and responsibility remains with the board as a whole.

Members of the board are the trustees of the assets which belong to the board.

Members of the board are obligated to consider and protect the future of the board. It is the duty of trustees to always consider the long-term effects of each decision.