Director's Annual Report 2020

The Director's Annual Report for 2020 covers the 2019-2020 school year and provides a view into the many amazing things happening in our schools and our school board. This year’s multimedia report, #WeAreKPR, has both a print and video format.

Please take a peek at the stories highlighted below and we invite you to read the entire report in the link below.

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Dr. Jennifer Leclerc
Diane Lloyd

Messages from the Director of Education and the Chairperson of the Board

With this, my final report as Director of Education, I wanted to share what a great honour and privilege it has been to serve the Kawartha Pine Ridge District School Board.

This has been such a difficult and demanding year in all our lives, beyond the world of education. The unprecedented need to create new platforms and programs for education, and the resulting demands for resiliency and growth placed upon our students, staff and families in the past year, have made this the most challenging year in my career as an educator.

For these reasons and so many others, it is with the greatest pride that we are showcasing once again the incredible work of our students and staff through our annual report #WeAreKPR.-  Jennifer Leclerc, Director of Education

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As we present this report, we must acknowledge that this has been an unprecedented year in our life at the Kawartha Pine Ridge District School Board.

Throughout the year, we have taken every opportunity to extend our sincere thanks and appreciation to our students, staff, families and the communities we serve, for their patience and understanding over the last months.

On behalf of my Trustee colleagues on the Board, I share these heartfelt sentiments once more. Without question, this has been the most difficult and challenging year in memory, with tremendous strain on our students, and on all those working tirelessly in their best interests. - Diane Lloyd, Chairperson of the Board

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A Few of Our Unsung Heroes

Opening our schools and keeping them safe for students and staff this year has been an incredible challenge. It has only been made possible by the dedicated work of all our employees – from those working behind the scenes to keep our schools running well, to secretaries, teachers, principals, vice-principals, education assistants and other support staff.

This year, more than any other, we wanted to shine a light on our Custodial and Facilities Services staff members who have demonstrated how vital they are in ensuring our schools operate safely.

It is thanks to the outstanding work and dedication of these employees that our school environments are clean, disinfected and operating at fully effective levels. KPR students and staff are able to work in buildings that are as healthy as possible, given the countless and unprecedented challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Kevin Robinson

Analyzing Indigenous Issues in Film

Students at Adam Scott Collegiate and Vocational Institute in Peterborough have been exploring how Indigenous people are represented in film, through a new pilot course first offered in February 2020.

November is Indigenous Peoples Awareness Month in KPR schools, and as part of the many educational presentations that took place during the month, teacher Kevin Robinson and student Hannah Lemelin highlighted student work and learning from the new course. 

Please click here to watch a short video about the Indigenous Issues in Film course.

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Going Virtual for Grade 8 Information Nights

Each year, students and their families are invited to our secondary schools for Grade 8 Information Nights, to learn more about each school’s programs and opportunities, meet school staff, and tour the buildings. This year, as we have all had to do with so many aspects of our work and personal lives, we had to rethink Grade 8 Information Nights, and come up with new ways to share information with families.

KPR secondary schools are creative, innovative places and they have come up with interesting ways to connect with Grade 8 students and families. From Google portals, to Edsby discussion groups, to virtual classroom visits, every school is reaching out to Grade 8s and their families in multiple ways.

Please click here to watch Bowmanville High School's Virtual Grade 8 Tour.

Please click here to watch Campbellford District High School's Virtual Grade 8 Tour.

Please click here to watch Norwood District High School's Virtual Grade 8 Tour.

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CCI Interact Club

CCI Group Wins Youth Peace Medal

Cobourg Collegiate Institute’s (CCI’s) Interact Club received this year’s Northumberland Youth Peace Medal, in recognition of the difference it has made in the lives of countless people.  

The student-led Interact Club works under the umbrella of Rotary International to support local and international causes. Supported by staff advisors Brenna Clarke and Suzanne Kerr, the students lead weekly meetings, decide which causes to support, plan campaigns, create marketing materials, manage social media platforms, and lead the events.  

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Learning at a Distance: Pandemic Style

When the Ministry of Education first closed schools after March Break 2020 in response to COVID-19, KPR families and staff entered uncharted waters. Without knowing how COVID would progress or how long schools would remain closed, we knew we needed to respond quickly to support learning at home and to keep students and staff connected. 

In addition to the Learn at Home website introduced by the province in March, we launched our #kprlearningathome efforts by posting resources for literacy, math, science, technology, social studies and the arts on our website. Teachers posted office hours when they would be available to students, and, by early April, teachers and students alike were excited to begin reconnecting and reestablishing the supportive relationships that are so critical to student well-being. 

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Thriving in Virtual Elementary School

Brad Conlin’s classroom fills with the sound of happy, chattering Grade 1 students, catching up with one another before the start of class. It’s far from your average class, though; the students are learning from home, adeptly signing themselves in for a day of learning with KPR’s Virtual Elementary School (VES).

With an enrolment of close to 4,300, VES is KPR’s largest school. Brad works out of an empty classroom, and has 22 students who live all over the Board, from Bowmanville to Brighton, and from Apsley to Cobourg. When he volunteered to teach virtually this year, he thought the social interaction and physical education would be the biggest challenges with teaching online. But those issues were quickly addressed.

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Virtual High School: A Boon for Many Students

Virtual High School (VHS) has been a boon for many KPR families this fall.

Take Julie Liu, for example. Her daughter, Megan, is thriving in Grade 11 online. “I’m very impressed with all the help they’ve been giving Megan,” Julie says. “She does so much better in virtual school. She learns at her own pace.”

According to Julie, Megan prefers having only two courses at a time in the quadmester system – as opposed to four in regular semesters – and she enjoys the one-on-one and small group interaction with her teacher and classmates. “She was in constant communication with her English teacher in the first quadmester. She really, really enjoys it. She told me, ‘I really hope they offer the Virtual High School again next year’,” Julie adds. 

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Advancing Equity and Inclusion in KPR Schools

The Kawartha Pine Ridge District School Board (KPR) values equity, diversity, inclusion and the dignity and humanity of all students, staff and stakeholders. Advancing equity through our policies, practices, programs and interactions is foundational to our success as an organization.

Our 2019-2022 Strategic Plan and our Mission, Vision and Values identify our commitments to:

·    removing barriers to success and engagement,

·    closing opportunity and achievement gaps, and

·    supporting equitable outcomes. 

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Minds matter

Maintaining Our Focus on Mental Health

Until March 2020, KPR students and staff enjoyed a “regular” school year of learning and growing together. Then came the arrival of COVID-19, and, regrettably, life in our communities and schools changed fundamentally for everyone.

The realities of prolonged social distancing, isolation, uncertainty and worry took their toll on the mental health of our KPR community and intensified the need for supports, even while making delivery of those supports more difficult. Given KPR’s commitment to championing the wellbeing of students and staff, our mental health professionals were quick to adapt to the changing realities. 

Person-to-person meetings were, for the most part, replaced with virtual discussions. From the spring and even through the summer and fall, our Mental Health Clinicians and Psychological Services staff continued to provide individual and group counselling, parent coaching, crisis intervention, resources, and other mental health support. 

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And the Music Plays On

The impacts of COVID on all aspects of our life are far-reaching. We have had to re-think how we live, how we teach, and how we learn. Music is an area of education that has typically brought a lot of joy, stress relief and lifelong skills, learning opportunities and memories for our students.

We are proud of the innovation and resiliency in our schools, where staff has found ways to keep music, and other important activities, going for kids.

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Summer Learning Program - Our Students Work Hard Year Round

This year, more than ever, it was important for our students to continue their learning and maintain their progress throughout the summer break.

Thanks to a dedicated and passionate team of staff, some of our students were able to keep moving forward in the fundamental areas of literacy and numeracy through our Summer Learning Program.

Through generous funding from the Public Council of Ontario Directors of Education (PCODE), 80 students across our board were able to continue developing these essential skills, and prepare for September.

The program consisted of three Grade 1 classrooms, one Grade 6 classroom and one English Language Learner (ELL) classroom, but with one big change this year: all classes were held online through synchronous (live, real-time) learning.

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Kawartha Pine Ridge District School Board students have largely maintained the improvements they have made in provincial testing over time in the areas of reading and writing, while mathematics results remain an area of concern. Please see here for individual school results.