Virtual Learning at KPR

Virtual Learning at KPR 

KPR offers a Virtual Elementary School and Virtual High School for families who prefer to have their children or teens learn entirely online, rather than in a physical classroom. The Board offers specific windows of time when parents and guardians can transfer their child into the virtual schools. Following is the latest information available. 

Virtual High School

The next opportunity for students to start their studies in the Virtual High School will be for the third quadmester, which begins Tuesday, February 2. 

Families wishing to transfer their teen to the KPR Virtual High School (KPRVHS) must contact their home school guidance department, by January 15. Parents should also contact their guidance department to request a transfer from KPRVHS to their home school.  

For further information, please see the Virtual High School website or call 705-760-8630. 

Virtual Elementary School

The next opportunity to transfer students from in-school learning to KPR’s Virtual Elementary School (VES) will be early in the new year. This will allow teachers to finish student assessments before students transfer to the VES. More specifically:

  • an Opt Out portal will be open on from January 13-22 at 4 p.m., for families to complete if they wish to transfer their children to the VES 

  • the first day of class for new VES students will be Tuesday, February 2 (February 1 is a PA Day)

  • VES teachers will contact families of new VES students beginning January 28. 

Until February 2, students will continue to attend their home school; parents can discuss other learn-at-home options with their home school principal, if they wish, until their children start the VES classes February 2.

Watch for more information about the Opt Out portal soon. 

For further information, please see the Virtual Elementary School website or call 705-760-8620.


Virtual Elementary School

Who do I contact with my questions about Virtual School? 

Please reach out to your child’s teacher with questions or concerns after your initial contact.

If you have not heard from your child’s teacher yet, please call 877-741-4577, extension 3600.  Your patience is appreciated as we work as quickly as we can to get back to you.

How do I get a device for my child? 

If you do not have a device for your child to use at home, please email as soon as possible. 

How do I get technical support for my child? 

we are experiencing a large volume of calls and emails, but will respond as soon as possible.

Student/Parent Helpline Virtual Elementary School

1-877-741-4577 Ext 3002

Virtual Elementary School website link

Contact Information

Virtual Elementary School Phone # (705) 760-8620

Press 0 for Secretary Chantal McQueen
Press 1 for Technical Support
Press 2 for Principal Darryl Whitney
Press 3 for Co-Principal Patricia Layng
Press 4 for Vice-Principal Matthew Avery
Press 5 for Vice-Principal Peri Dowsley
Press 6 for Vice-Principal Jordie Hofstede-Barker

Click here for more information regarding the synchronous learning exemption


Virtual High School

VHS is currently experiencing an extremely high volume of phone messages and emails. We are responding as quickly as we can, and we understand that your concerns are pressing. Please know that students have not missed any content in courses to date. Our first day of classes is Friday September 18th. Teachers also understand that many students still do not have completed timetables and will be accommodating students who join late.

Timetables: This week we had to add several new classes in order to accommodate the large number of registrations that came in last week. This meant that we had to reshuffle everyone’s timetable. Some students who had a complete timetable may now find that they have a conflict. If this is the case, please fill out the following form and a guidance counsellor will follow-up (please do not submit more than one form, we will get to you!).

In Edsby you will only see first quadmester classes (period one and two). Edsby only refreshes every 24 hours.  Changes made today will appear tomorrow.   In order to see all assigned classes for the year please click on this link  This link will be refreshed every 12 hours. 

Logging into Edsby: We are also hearing that many students and parents are having trouble logging into Edsby.  Please go to and enter your child’s OEN. If you are still having trouble logging in please contact the Help Desk at 1-877-741-4577 Ex 3001. If the voice mailbox is full, please continue to try again (we are answering messages).

OEN Numbers: Can be found at the top of any previous report card.

Hearing from Teachers: Period one teachers will reach out to students through Edsby with course start up information. If a student was recently added to a class, they should Edsby message their teacher as they will not show in the class list until the following day.

Requests for Technology: If you do not have a device in the home for your child to use, please contact

Returning to Your Home School: If you are wanting to return to your home school immediately, please contact them ASAP to see if they have room in courses.  If you wish to return later in the year, it is advised that you let your home school know in order for them to plan accordingly.

Website Address:

Contact Information

Virtual High School Phone # (705) 760-8630


Thank you very much for your patience.