Community Hours

All secondary students are required to complete 40 hours of volunteer community involvement in order to receive their secondary school diploma. This community involvement requirement encourages students to develop an understanding of the various roles they can play in their community and an appreciation for the value of community service. 

To see how you can contribute to your community, to see a list of eligible activities, or to download a community involvement form, read the information below.

For more information about community involvement requirements, please contact your school principal or guidance department. Click here for a brochure Q&A about Community Involvement and for Community Sponsors.

Give Time

Examples of the many ways students can seek opportunities to help in their community and fulfil the community hours requirement are outlined below:

In the community, by offering assistance to charities, service clubs and other not-for-profit organizations such as:

  •  canvassing, walk-a-thons, celebrity games
  •  coaching sports teams
  •  organizing community events
  •  participating in environmental projects; e.g. clean-ups, tree planting, recycling programs
  •  assisting in a seniors' residence
  •  participating on committees

In the school, by helping out in non-credit extracurricular activities such as

  •  student government
  •  organizing or assisting in school activities; e.g. orientation, sports meets, drama festivals, etc.
  •  participating in school/community activities

Individuals in need, by providing assistance such as:

  • activities involving seniors; e.g. shovelling snow, hospital visits
  • activities with young people; e.g. tutoring, reading buddies

The primary concern in community involvement, as with all school activities, is student safety. As such, the Board's insurance carrier prohibits the Board from allowing certain community involvement activities, out of concern for student safety.

Eligible Activities

The activities listed below are approved by the school board for the completion of the community involvement requirement.

Activities Within the School Community which occur outside of normal instructional hours 

  • Library/Computer/Science department volunteer at lunch or after school
  • Assistant coach or manager of school team
  • Lunchtime intramural assistant/organizer
  • Peer mediator
  • School leadership position - student council, student athletic association
  • Student organizations with community benefits; e.g., SADD
  • Student ambassador for feeder school students, open houses, etc.
  • Yearbook committee, dance organizer, social convener, etc. 

Activities in Support of Individuals in Need 

  • Students helping elderly or disabled neighbours (if outside instructional time)
  • Yard clean up
  • Snow shovelling
  • Shopping for people requiring assistance
  • Visiting senior citizen residences
  • Assisting the home bound 

Activities in the Larger Community 

  • Service club clean up projects such as Adopt A Highway
  • Coaching a team, leading a cub pack or 4-H club
  • Supporting of a community organization at a fair, raffle, tag day
  • Special event volunteer, e.g., Christmas or Canada Day Parade organizer
  • Canvassing for Community Organized event, e.g., United Way, etc.
  • Charity organization activities, e.g., Boy Scouts Apple Day, Sea Cadet Tag Days,
  • Canadian Cancer Society Daffodil sales, charity car washes, etc.
  • Library volunteer, conservation group participation, etc.
  • Terry Fox Marathon of Hope, organizer/participant
  • Thirty Hour Famine, time spent on organization and canvassing
  • Students Supporting Seniors (if outside of normal instructional time) 

For further information contact your school Guidance office or click on the volunteer opportunities in your area.