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KPR Announces Summer School eLearning

Did you know that you can complete courses from home through summer school eLearning? You can select from a large number of Ontario courses, running July 6th to July 31st, 2015. This year, students doing summer school eLearning can also go to any of our three summer school sites on any weekday for additional help. For more information or to register, make please make an appointment with your Guidance department.

eLearning Ontario Student
Course Start Date 06-Jul-15
Course End Date 31-Jul-15
First Date to Pull from Waitlist 19-May-15
Last Date to Pull from Waitlist  


eLearning Opportunities Expanded for 2015-2016

Secondary Students...

  • Is there a course you want to do but can't because it is not offered at your school?
  • Is there a course you want to do but it does not fit into your timetable?
  • Are you unable to consistently attend regular day school classes for a particular reason? (e.g., medical, travel as an elite athlete, etc.)
  • Do you have a particular learning style that is better served in an on-line learning environment?

If you answered "Yes" to any of the above, then eLearning may be the answer for you.

eLearning provides the flexibility to place a course anywhere in a student's timetable. It provides students with access to over 100 secondary courses, many of which are taught by Kawartha Pine Ridge teachers. The remaining courses are taught by other teachers in the 20 school boards that comprise the Ontario eLearning Consortium (of which Kawartha Pine Ridge is a member).

eLearning courses are taught by innovative Ontario certified teachers who are subject specialists in the eLearning area in which they teach. They also teach face-to-face classes in their regular schools.

eLearning courses follow the precise Ministry-mandated curriculum as do regular face-to-face courses. The course codes are the same and appear on the student's report in precisely the same manner.

Students register for eLearning courses through their school Guidance Counsellor and seats are filled on a first come first served basis.

After registering for an eLearning course, a student will participate in an orientation to on-line learning and the Learning Management System (LMS). The LMS, or virtual classroom, used by students is called Desire2Learn (D2L).

Each school at Kawartha Pine Ridge contains computers that are allocated for the use of eLearning students. eLearning students are expected to be on these computers working on their eCourses during the period they are scheduled for eLearning. With that said, eLearning students have 24/7 access to their courses from anywhere they have Internet access.

Please click the following link to see the eLearning courses currently offered by Kawartha Pine Ridge for the 2014-15 year:

Explore E-Learning Opportunities 2014-15

Please follow the link below to discover the multitude of other eLearning courses available to Kawartha Pine Ridge students through the Ontario eLearning Consortium for the 2014-15 year:

Ontario eLearning Consortium (click on the "Course Offerings" link)

Students can register for these courses by visiting their school Guidance Counsellor.

Students and parents who are interested in learning more about eLearning and the possibilities it offers can contact their Guidance Department or visit:

eLearning Ontario

Is eLearning Right For You?

While eLearning is not for everyone, there are many students who thrive in this learning environment. To assess if eLearning is right for you, consider the following questions... If you answer "Yes" to many of these questions, then you likely have what it takes to do well in an eLearning course:

  1. I am independent, self-motivated, and self-directed.
  2. I have reasonable computer skills.
  3. I have good organizational skills (e.g., file management on the computer).
  4. I enjoy being on the computer and using new technologies.
  5. I do not mind reading content on the computer.
  6. I typically understand the things I read.
  7. I communicate well through text.
  8. I like formulating my thoughts and presenting them in written form.
  9. I like reading and responding to the thoughts, ideas, and work of others.
  10. I recognize the importance of following certain “rules” when communicating with classmates and the teacher online (for example, etiquette).
  11. I am not offended when someone does not share my opinion or point of view.
  12. I have good inquiry skills meaning I can usually research to find the answers to questions or problems that are presented to me.
  13. I am a good problem solver... I attempt to work things out for myself before requesting help.
  14. When I encounter problems, I typically like to deal with them in a timely fashion, as opposed to putting them off or ignoring them.
  15. I am not hesitant to communicate problems to my teacher or to ask questions.
  16. I have good time management skills.
  17. I typically complete tasks in a timely fashion and try do avoid leaving things to the last minute.
  18. I pay close attention to deadlines and do my best to meet them.
  19. I have the self-discipline it takes to spend every eLearning period on the computers in my school that have been assigned to eLearning, working on my course.
  20. I am willing to dedicate as much or more time to my eLearning course as I am to my regular classes.
  21. I have access to the Internet outside of school.
  22. I am interested in the subject matter of the eLearning course I would like to do.

Did you answer "Yes" to many of these questions?... If so, eLearning may be an excellent learning environment for you.

Accessing Your eLearning Course

D2L (Desire to Learn) - Your Virtual Classroom

Go to https://kprdsb.elearningontario.ca/ if your course is offered by Kawartha Pine Ridge. Log in using the username and password you were e-mailed at the beginning of the semester.

If your course is offered by another board, you will receive the link to your eLearning course and your username / password via email.

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