Special Education Contacts

Are you looking for more information on Special Education programs and services, or how to best help your child?

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    • Teacher
    • Special Education Resource Teacher
    • Principal/Vice Principal
    • Instructional Leadership Consultant
  • Superintendent
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Special Education Department Contacts

Mental Health

Dr. Deanna Swift
Manager of Professional Services, Mental Health Lead
Extension 2179

Leslie Walberg-Hegan
Mental Health Coordinator
Extension 2155


Gifted Programming/Advanced Placement

Michael Kerr
Instructional Leadership Consultant - Special Education
Extension 2574


Community Partners

Elaine Baldock
Professional Services Secretary
Extension 2176


Special Education Advisory Committee general inquiries:

Kim Thomas
Secretary to Principal Assistant – Special Education
Extension 2174


Manager Professional Services, Chief Psychologist, Mental Health Lead

Dr. Deanna Swift
Extension 2179


Manager Professional Services, Chief Social Worker

Extension 2177
TBD @kprdsb.ca


Principal Assistant to Superintendent, Special Education

Lloyd Schoenmaker
Extension 2175


For further information, please feel free to contact us:

Special Education Services General Inquiries:

Kim Thomas
Secretary to Principal Assistant – Special Education
Extension 2174