2012 Parent Conference - Mental Health in the School, Home and Community

Click on the titles below to see the presentations offered in 2012.

Keynote - Child and Youth Mental Health: A Parent's Toolkit, with Dr. Ian Manion
Workshop - Helping Children and Teens with Loss & Grief, with Jack Lapum
Workshop - Substance Use: Addictions and Mental Health, with Tara Horsman-Downer
Workshop - Disruptive Behaviour: Parenting the "Difficult" Child or Teen, with Brandi Kelly

Interested in more information on Mental Health?
Here are some excellent sources:

TAMI (Talking About Mental Illness) - www.tamidurham.ca

Mental Health Resources for Teens, Parents & Educators - http://teenmentalhealth.org/

Canadian Mental Health Association - http://www.cmha.ca/

Centre for Addiction and Mental Health - http://www.camh.ca/en/hospital/Pages/home.aspx