Lakefield/Ridpath Questions and Answers

Here is a list of common questions and answers with regards to the new elementary school for Lakefield.  Should you require further clarification, please feel free to contact Jack Nigro, Superintendent of Education: Student Achievement, First Nation, Métis, and Inuit Education:

Rita Bonnetta
Administrative Assistant
KPRDSB Education Centre
705-742-9773 Extension 2061


1. When are multi-year projected numbers calculated and when are they revised?

Projections are revised at least annually and more frequently if the area is under review. Projections take into account births, migration and development. This was all reviewed as part of the LDSS and LI ARC.

2. Where will crosswalks be placed? There is concern about students walking on the sidewalk adjoining the Esso station and the McDonald’s (high traffic areas).

The Facilities Department will meet with the municipality to determine what is required.

3. Will the equipment in the Kitchen be replaced for the breakfast program?

We are planning for a new stove, dishwasher, freezer and fridge.

4. How long is the tendering process exactly? When will it end?

The tender will be out for 3 to 4 weeks once it is issued in March.

5. Can we publish a “new school website” that will provide updates on dates (e.g. Tendering), the final floor plan, etc.? In general, there was a request for more information to be made available at regular intervals.

Yes, this webpage will be created and will house, among other updates, this collection of questions and answers.

6. What will happen to Ridpath?

The Board will determine if the building is deemed surplus to our needs. If so, then the disposal process will be dictated by Regulation 444/98 of the Education Act and Board policies. This involves offering the property to designated broader public sector entities at fair market value.

7. Is there a consultation process for keeping the intermediate wing standing? How will the decision be made to demolish or not demolish?

While there is no formal consultation process with respect to this structure per se, we have held informal discussions with local Municipal and Business representatives on possible future uses of the structure and there is no anticipated use for the intermediate wing. We are therefore planning a full-scale renovation and right-sizing to create an excellent building for the new school.

However, prior to a final decision on the removal of this wing, and as part of our commitment to partnerships and supporting the community use of public assets, we would consider expressions of interest from community partners for a minimum five (5) year lease of this space.