Staff Census


June is Staff Census Month at KPR!

KPR is committed to promoting equity, diversity and inclusion among our staff. To support those goals, KPR is asking employees to share information about their backgrounds and experiences.

The Census takes approximately 10 minutes to complete, is completely anonymous and strictly confidential.

This information will help us to:

  • Understand the diversity, strengths and needs of the KPR staff community.
  • Identify and address barriers to equity and inclusion in the workplace.
  • Develop policies to support the wellbeing of KPR staff, and
  • Complement the data from students and families collected through the Every Student Matters Census.

We hope we can Count You In! for the #WeAreKPR Staff Census this June.

Please click here to complete the Staff Census.



What is the Count Me In - #WeAreKPR Staff Census?

The #WeAreKPR Staff Census gives all KPR employees an opportunity to share information about their identities and working experiences in an anonymous and confidential manner. Participation in the Census is completely voluntary. The Census will be conducted online during June 2019, when all KPR employees will be provided with time at work to complete the survey. The survey can be completed through the provided open link at any time until the end of June 2019.

Why is KPR conducting a staff census? Why am I being asked sensitive questions about my identity or background?

The Census is an initiative of KPR’s Equity, Inclusion, and Diversity Office and was developed in consultation with stakeholders including employee group representatives, principals, and trustees . We are asking staff to share information about their background and identities in support of KPR’s commitment to being a fair and equitable employer. By giving an understanding of the diversity and needs of employees, Census data will help to ensure that KPR provides the right kinds of accommodation and supports to staff.

Is this survey anonymous? Will anyone know my answers?

The Census is completely anonymous. This means that responses cannot be connected to individuals in any manner. Nobody at KPR will be able to know how you responded and no record of who did or did not complete a survey can be created.

If this survey is being conducted online, will I be tracked in any way?

Your participation in this survey will not be tracked in any way. The survey is hosted internally on a KPR owned webserver. Your IP address will not be tracked. Browser cookies will not be used to track your participation or save your answers.

Where is the data stored? Who can access this data? Will it ever be shared?

Census data will be stored directly on a secure server owned by KPR. The data, even though it is anonymous, will be held in strict confidentiality. Access to the full data set will be restricted to the small #WeAreKPR Census research team. Individual data will never be released or shared.

What else is being done to ensure my right to privacy?

Best practices in privacy protection will guide collection, retention, analysis, and reporting of Census data. Data will only ever be reported at aggregate levels. In cases of small groups or any other instances where there is a risk to anonymity, reporting of data will be repressed. The full data set will be analyzed to ensure that it is free of potentially identifying information. Respect for the privacy rights of individuals, as well as at the group and community levels, will inform all uses of data.

If you have any additional questions or concerns about the #WeAreKPR Staff Census, we encourage you to contact KPR's Equity and Inclusive Education Consultant at 1-877-741-4577, ext. 2157.

Please click here to complete the Staff Census.