Every Student Matters Census

Every student matters. This simple, yet profound statement is the reason we collected data about the backgrounds, experiences and needs of our students and school communities. We want to address opportunity gaps - so every student has the chance to be successful - and we want to close achievement gaps, so every student IS successful.

KPR students (Grades 7-12) and parents of KPR students (Grades k-6) voluntarily provided the following data to help us better understand our student population in the 2018 – 2019 school year.

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Grade 7-12 results for Every Student Matters Census

Please see here the results for grade 7-12.

In the Kawartha Pine Ridge District School Board, we are committed to helping all of our students experience success. To support this goal, conducted our first ever Every Student Matters Census to better understand the backgrounds, experiences and needs of our students and school communities. The data collected from both students and parents/guardians will provide the school system, families, and the community with valuable information to improve our programs and services for the benefit of all students. All information on individual students will remain confidential.

Thank you to everyone who participated in the Census.

Questions and Answers about the Census

Why is KPR conducting this Census?

School boards across the province are completing a Census with their school communities in order to better understand the needs of student populations and school communities. The Census will gather demographic data (statistical information) to help us better understand the people we serve.

Several school boards have already completed their first Census, while other boards, like KPR, are completing it this school year or next.

What is the purpose of the Census?

The Census will help school boards better understand the needs of our students and school communities. Specifically, the Census information will be used to:

- address any barriers to student achievement and success, 

- establish effective programs, and

- allocate resources according to student needs. 

Who will complete the Census?

·       Parents of JK-6 students will be asked to complete the Census online.

·       Students in Grades 7-12 will be asked to complete the Census in class between February 25th - March 7th.

Is it mandatory?

No. Census completion is voluntary; however a high level of completion will allow for more complete information about school communities.

Parents/guardians of Grade 7-12 students will receive information before the Census is administered, with the option to request that their child not participate in the process.

What type of questions will be on the Census?

The Census consists of approximately 20 questions about wellbeing, family structure, gender, sexual orientation, religion, ethnicity, race, languages, nationality, disability and socio-economics.

What is the purpose of the Community Information Sessions?

The Community Information Sessions included a 20-minute presentation on the purpose of the Census, its importance and relevance, followed by a Question and Answer period. Parents, guardians and caregivers are also welcome to send questions directly to the school board by emailing census@kprdsb.ca

How will the Census be completed?

The Census is intended to be completed online, with the option of printed surveys for parents/guardians that require/prefer this option as a result of Internet access issues. Students will complete the Census online during class time.

Translated versions of the survey are also available in several languages higher up on this page.  If you require translations for a different language, please contact the KPR Census Research Team at census@kprdsb.ca

If you complete a paper copy of the Census, please return it to your school in a sealed envelope, along with your postcard, which contains your unique access code.

How will responses be kept confidential and secure?

The Census is confidential. We respect the privacy of our students and families. Data will be collected in a secure manner in accordance with applicable privacy legislation and best practices. Questionnaires will have unique access codes assigned to them. Data will be stored on internal KPR servers, and will only be accessed by a small number of staff, in order to analyze the data. Reports will never single out or identify a student or family, and will only be reported in a summarized way, to provide understanding of school communities’ needs.