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Accommodation Review: Armour Heights Public School and King George Public School

In the fall of 2015, The Kawartha Pine Ridge District School Board approved the establishment of a joint Board/community accommodation review committee to consider the future of Armour Heights Public School and King George Public School.

This committee held a number of public meetings to discuss the student accommodation needs at these schools. Throughout this process, the review committee shared information from the community that informed the final administrative recommendations on the future of the schools.

In its initial report to the Board, administration recommended that the students be consolidated within a single facility at the King George site. This new school would be either a refurbished King George PS building with an environmentally friendly addition, or a newly constructed school. This consolidation of students would be tentatively scheduled to begin in the 2017‑2018 school year.

At the conclusion of the Accommodation Review process, the Board of Trustees considered administration’s final recommendations; this report is available below.

The Board, and the Armour Heights Public School and King George Public School Accommodation Review Committee, invited parents and community members to attend, and to make presentations at two committee meetings:

In addition to these public input meetings, the committee also held working group meetings. Although these meetings were open to the public to attend, they were for committee work and discussion only.

We thought it important to share with you the accompanying information regarding the review process and what it means for these two schools.

Final Administration Report - February 25, 2016

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