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Director's Annual Report

The Director's Annual Report for 2017 covers the 2016-2017 school year and provides a view into the amazing things happening in our schools and our school board. This year’s report, #WeAreKPR, has both a print and video format.

With this report, we are launching the #WeAreKPR campaign to share the faces and stories of your local public schools. Our staff, as ambassadors of public education, work together to help students experience many kinds of success. From our teachers, to our secretaries, custodians, educational assistants, child and youth workers, early childhood educators, counsellors and other professionals, and central support staff, we are fortunate to have so many wonderful people in our schools and school board whose impacts cannot be overstated. Through short video profiles of KPR staff, you will see reflected our values and beliefs about inclusion, equity and student success.

Please click here to view the print version of the report, and please take a few minutes to watch the short videos below. 

A Home for Everyone

Aya and Israa Darrouba arrived in Peterborough with their family of seven in November 2016. Both Syrian girls have been blind from birth. Aya is in Grade 7 and Israa is in Grade 3. 

Heather Hedges, Aya's teacher at Highland Heights PS, is passionate about sharing how the Darrouba sisters' determination and spirit inspire their fellow students and school staff.

Please click here to meet the Darrouba sisters and watch their story. 

#WeAreKPR - Jennifer Pym-Murphy

Jennifer Pym-Murphy has been a teacher at Courtice North Public School for 16 years. She has taught predominantly in Grades 3 and 6 - she is a Grade 6 teacher this year.  

Jennifer says it's rewarding to see the growth in students over time, particularly in students she has taught more than once in different grades.  

With this annual report, we are launching the #WeAreKPR campaign to share the faces and stories of your local public schools. Every couple of weeks you will meet another KPR staff member and hear their passion for making an impact on the lives of students.

Please click here to meet Jennifer Pym-Murphy.  


Special Education Services - Support, Inclusion and Success!

Special Education in the Kawartha Pine Ridge District School Board includes the provision of a broad range of programs and services to help all students achieve success and reach their full potential.

The effects of these supports can be life changing. Grade 12 student Rob Kartisch credits the Clarington Central Secondary School special education department for starting him on a transformational journey.

Click here to watch Rob's story.

Looking At Math Differently

"Scope and Sequence" is a new instructional model to support students learning math in Grades 1-8. The staff team at Otonabee Valley PS in Peterborough has been one of the early adopters of the new program.

They believe the project provides greater hands-on opportunities and more open-ended, inquiry-based learning for students. These big changes have helped students like Sunny Knott excel this year.

Please click here to watch a video about "Scope and Sequence" at Otonabee Valley. 

Focus on Action at KPR's First Indigenous Peoples Awareness Month

We celebrated our first-ever Indigenous Peoples Awareness Month in November with outstanding guest speakers, elders and leaders from across Canada.

The speakers and events introduced students to the rich cultures, contributions and ways of knowing of Indigenous peoples in Canada. 

For more information about Indigenous Peoples Awareness Month, please visit our Indigenous Education web page.

Raising $5.4 million for Terry Fox

KPR school communities' generous support of Terry Fox events over the past 34 years has raised over $5 million for cancer research. East Northumberland Secondary School (ENSS) in Brighton is a top fundraiser in the province, and has contributed over $1 million in total.

We are proud of our schools' generous spirit, which  manifests itself in many ways, in support of a wide variety of worthy causes.

Click here to learn more about the importance of Terry Fox at ENSS. 

Community Partnership Award - Psychology Foundation of Canada

We were honoured this year to be recognized by the Psychology Foundation of Canada with its 2017 Community Partnership Award for promoting and implementing programs and resources in local communities.

One of the Psychology Foundation programs that has been very successful in our schools is Kids Have Stress Too. This program helps kids and teens to learn positive coping strategies to deal with stress, to build their resiliency and prevent stress from escalating to distress, anxiety and meltdowns.

Please click here to hear secondary students in Clarington talk about their experiences with this program.

Honouring All Athletes at Our Inclusive Track Meet

Despite the rain, smiles and excitement shone through at KPR's inaugural Inclusive Track and Field Day. Students in the Learning and Life Skills (LLS) programs from seven KPR high schools gathered for the event at Cobourg Collegiate Institute.

The event was modelled after the Special Olympics, complete with music and entertainment at the Opening Ceremonies.

Click here to see our students having fun and showing their hard work and determination. 

Sama's Lunchbox - A Friendship Story

Sama, a student at C.R. Gummow PS in Cobourg came to Canada with her family from Syria. In September, Trustees were pleased to welcome Sama to the Board meeting, to share a special story of friendship and respect.

Sama is featured in a heartwarming commercial by Whirpool introducing her Grade 3 class to the culture of Syria, through traditional foods of her country and family.

Please click here to watch Sama's Lunchbox.

Student Success in Specialist High Skills Majors

Our secondary students are gaining more credits, earning career-focused skills and becoming increasingly employable, thanks to our highly successful Specialist High Skills Major (SHSM) programs.

All of our secondary schools offer at least one SHSM, for a total of over 50 programs in 13 different sectors.

Please click here to watch a video about the four Specialist High Skills Majors available at Campbellford District High School. 

Building for the Future - Capital Projects in Lakefield and Millbrook

Every year, our students benefit from capital investments, including renovations, additions and new school builds.  

Two such projects this year included an addition and child care centre at Millbrook/South Cavan Public School - the opening celebration is pictured to the left - as well as an entire school renovation to turn the former Lakefield District Secondary School building into the new Lakefield District Public School, with a three room child care centre plus a child and family centre.

Please click here to watch a short video about the renovation that created Lakefield District Public School.  

Living, Learning and Leading in a Changing World 2015-2018

As an organization committed to continuous improvement, we believe it is critical to take time periodically to pause, reflect, and consider how best to move forward toward greater success, for our students and staff.

To that end, every four years we ask ourselves, and the parents and public we serve, what are the most crucial needs in public education today, and tomorrow.

Living, Learning and Leading in a Changing World 2015-2018 is a culmination of a 10-month journey of consultation, dialogue and realization that began in 2015. Our most recent Strategic Priorities update contains an overview of ongoing work in all departments, and specific expected outcomes and plans of action, in support of the strategic plan.

Equity and Inclusive Education - Safe, Equitable and Inclusive Environments is a key area of focus of our Strategic Plan. We are committed to creating safe and positive environments by fostering a culture of respect and inclusion. Please click here to read about our actions to further this commitment during the 2016-17 school year.



Kawartha Pine Ridge District School Board students have largely maintained the improvements they have made in provincial testing over time in the areas of reading and writing, while mathematics results remain an area of concern. Please see here for individual school results.