Important Information and Resources: COVID-19

Based on advice and recommendations from medical health authorities, the Ontario government has indicated that all public schools will be closed until the end of June.

MAY 29, 2020 Update

Dear KPR Parents and Guardians,

Thank you again for your support as we continue to work through this unprecedented school year. Your patience, understanding and commitment to your child’s education is critical these days.

Please find below updates on timely issues of interest to students and families.

Access to Schools for Student Belongings

Schools are finalizing their individual schedules and will be sharing information home to families in the coming days on our process to retrieve personal belongings from our schools. We know that students and parents have been anxious to collect these items.

As a reminder, when accessing our schools, please remember to respect physical distancing with staff, and other students and parents.

Our process has been developed in collaboration with local health authorities and is structured to meet ongoing health directives – as this task is completed we ask everyone to comply and follow the process closely to ensure the safety of everyone.

Access to School Playgrounds

As the province begins to re-open areas and businesses, we wanted to clarify access to school fields and playgrounds. School fields may be walked-through, but group activities are still not allowed on our grounds at this time.  Playground equipment also continues to be off limits. We know that schoolyards are important green spaces in many communities, however these are not currently deemed safe places for children to play. There are concerns about touchpoints on playgrounds, and the need for physical distancing means continuing to avoid gathering in public spaces.

Summer School for Grade 8s

Once again this summer we are offering the Start! Program for Grade 8s going into Grade 9. Start! focuses on literacy and numeracy skills, and developing the necessary inter and intra-personal skills for high school, all while earning a secondary school credit (GLD2O, Discovering the Workplace). It will be offered through eLearning with face-to-face learning as an option only if Ontario Public Health approves it. In this online course Grade 8 students will read, work independently and/or as a member of a group, complete assignments and interact with their classmates and teacher for approximately six hours per week day, from June 29th until July 27th.

More information about this program, and all of our Summer School offerings, is available on our website, Summer School web page.

Special Education Resources for Students and Parents

In collaboration with our partner community agencies, we are committed to providing on-line resources that support various learning needs, as well as those that support mental health and well-being. Please visit our website at the following links to explore these further:

June 5 – PA Day (Elementary Schools)

Next Friday, June 5, is a Professional Activity Day dedicated to assessment and evaluation for final report cards. This may mean that responses to questions about the week’s learning on that day may be delayed.  



Our Professional Services staff have expanded the collection of resources and tips we have available online to support student, staff and parents’ mental health and well-being. Specifically, our team has developed a series of Everyday Mental Health Activities, as well as toolboxes of activities specifically for kids, teens and parents. Together, we will continue to do all that we can to support the positive mental health of our students, families and staff in these troubling times.  Please click here to access.

Ongoing Learning Resources for Parents and Students

DISTANCE LEARNING - began the week of April 6. Please click here for our Distance Learning page and supports

As a first step to ensure the continued learning of your children, the government launched an online portal to provide access to a wide variety of educational resources, for all students from Kindergarten through to Grade 12. 

This online portal, which is available at, and Apprendre à la maison enables students at every grade level to continue learning while away from school. 


Support for Families

While schools and child care centres are closed, parents can apply for direct funding to offset costs, while they practice self-isolation and physical distancing. Please note KPR does not expect or require parents to purchase learning resources at this time.

Eligible parents will receive a one-time per child payment of:

  • $200 for children aged 0 to 12
  • $250 for children or youth aged 0 to 21 with special needs

WiFi at Schools

We know that not all KPR students and families have access to WiFi.  As we work to support our communities in these challenging days, we have designated all our schools as public WiFi hotspots. Members of the public may access the internet at no charge from outside our buildings. In using this resource, we encourage everyone to follow public health directives and maintain physical distancing. Please click here to see the instructions for accessing the WiFi.


Important Online Health Resources

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